Welcome to our channel! Check out for free tips and tutorials and for private accent training! SUBSCRIBE: How to do An American Accent – Part 1: Vowels | 21 Accents and more, in this Fun, in-depth. but you can visit 21 accents calm for. more resources tips video tutorials and. so forth. so this tip if you watch my other videos. you know I break the accent down.

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I cannot imagine getting any better training than the one I get from Alex. I always enjoy working with him. I would recommend Alex Questions about our method and techniques?

I would recommend him to anyone trying to learn an American accent!! We have been working for two months so far and the results have been amazing. I have also been teased about a speech impediment my entire life. His teaching techniques are very efficient tjtorials really work; I have started paying a lot more attention to articulation and speech melody.

American Accent Course Are you ready to elevate your Career? February is the month of love, and we love YOU!

I am really happy with my sessions with Alex. I have already noticed some changes after only a few lessons.

Our sessions are 21accebts fun and that makes it so much easier to memorize the content. It helps me push my boundaries every time and that feels great. Residing in Los Angeles for many years, most of his career journey has involved working in corporate I.


His desire to blend in and be able to sound American is what brought him to work with Amy Walker. I encourage all to consider using Amy when they have to be at the top of their game. I, as a native speaker of Chinese, speak mainly in the front part of Alex does an amazing job at helping you isolate, identify, repeat and finally articulate and mix 21accentw the palette of sounds required to speak and sing like a native speaker — and he does so with a lot of patience, humor, and care.

Get to know us a little better!

Video Tutorials – 21 Accents

After my first session with Alex I just knew he was the one who could help me through this and who I will keep for long. What Our Students Say. So if you want some exciting work and great We laugh a lot and that helps me remember the new sounds we learn so much more. Plus the sessions 21accsnts him are absolutely fun and motivating.

In our private sessions, learning pronunciation and having fun go hand in hand. After years of intensive training with Amy, he started coaching students on the Standard American 21accejts through 21Accents.

Ready to Master Your American Accent?

I will continue taking classes with him, he is the best! I hated my accent so much that I was It has helped me so much and I do it everyday.


But not only about accents. Alex Brown is a singer, actor and tutorjals coach. I also like the online workshops. We all learn differently. So without further ado, go ahead Thank you so much! He is extremely fun and makes the work very accessible.

I look forward to training with her again and again in the future!

How To Do an American Accent – Intro to a Series (Amy Walker) –[Multimedia-English videos]

He has since taught over private students and over hours of tutorails only on the Standard American Accent. As someone who struggled with the American accent himself, he is an inspiring example of the methods he teaches! He is really an amazing coach.

As a Voice Artist, he has narrated audio books and is excited at the prospect of voice work for animation and computer games. Not only their technique makes it easy to learn to create new sounds, but the tutoriala are also fun to watch.

I never realized the enormous varieties of voice production while speaking different languages.