Tattvas are 36 in number in the descending order. The first five are Suddha or Pure Tattvas (). The second 7 Tattvas are Suddha-Asuddha or Pure-Impure. Because of the large number of possible blendings and re-blendings, the 36th tattva – Shiva Shakti – may seem to become identified, conditioned and confused. Sri Amit Ray tells the 36 Tattva Meditation for Spiritual Awakening. It brings balance & removes stress and duality. Explains yoga philosophy of 36 tattvas.

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Sakti-Tattva is the first dynamic aspect of Brahman. He is the Perfect “I”. What is Supreme, noumenal, transcendental and limitless becomes phenomenal, limited and mundane through His Sakti The Shudda “pure” tattvas are Siva tattva consciousness, lightSakti tattva awareness of lightsadasiva tattvaIsvara tattvaand suddha vidaya tattva.

When Impersonal Buddhi is pervaded by and invested with personal consciousness, it becomes Ahamkara which experiences and looks at the world from personal point of view.

Thus you body is sacrosanct. This page was last edited on 9 Aprilat Let us take the Big Bang and the Supernova. Goddess has the necessary preexisting, antecedent, or prior Knowledge as part of Her constitution; Iccha, Jnana, and 336 saktis are Her natural or Innate Perfections.

The Big Bang made the Hydrogen and Helium.


Limited human consciousness is less pure than the five Suddha Tattvas, meaning we are further down the line, liable to make mistakes and 3 errors. This licensing tag was added to this file as part of the GFDL licensing update.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Siva is Aham I.


Tattva (Shaivism) – WikiVisually

The individual soul is not as pure as the Pure Intelligence, that is Siva, because Siva is pure knowledge and does not seek knowledge from an external source; he exercises Iccha, Jnana, and Kriya desire, knowledge, and action without any help from other entities.

I can do wonders with them. Read Vrtti as High Conservation. That is to say, the individual self is also of the nature of consciousness and has self-consciousness also. Each one has his own empirical knowledge and experience, which are manifestations of one’s own Phenotypic Nada. The world is the stage for the Spanda Energy of vibration according to Kashmir Saivism; the same is called in South India as the Dance of Siva on the Cosmic Stage; the Lord dances in all elements; all his acts are dance, vibration or orbital motion down to subatomic particle; when tattvaz dance stops, the world ends with Nimesa; with Unmesa, the dance starts again.

Sakti or Vimarsa is the power that is latent in the pure atttvas.

Constructing a rounded pinnacle on top of the temple gives a place in the world of Rudra till the end of Kalpa for him and 21 generations in his family. It is the Sphere of action of Siva whereby Siva removes all afflictions in the realized and tranquil soul who has experiential Spiritual Knowledge and who relinquished desire and aversion.

End of Swami Sivananda’s commentary. Vimarsa form is the power latent in Pure Consciousness of Siva. How is it possible that all these Jivas or monads gather on the crowded undersurface of this tilted dome or the cranial bone its other namewhich is whiter than milk, shinier than the most lustrous gold, and more translucent than a crystal, to enjoy a splendid isolation?


KalA 7 VidyA 10 and RAga tttvas respectively are engaged in the partial removal of obscuration by Malas, removal of the daze that comes after removal of obscuration and the removal of obscuration caused by desire.

Vimarsa makes demands of Devi’s Iccha, Jnana and Kriya for projecting the manifest multiplicity. Sakti Tattva is the abode of Pasyanti Visual Sound. Prakrti 13 Tattva is an evolute of KalA 9 Tattva.

Tattva (Shaivism) – Wikipedia

These processes may be linear and or branched but never parallel. Srstyunmukhi is Adhomukhi meaning downward-turned-mouth petals. Every act has a time element incorporated in it, which one rattvas ignore or avoid. University Press of Hawaii. Each phoneme represents a stage in the process of evolution, a tattvaa world in itself.

The unique nature of Nada is that it is phenotypic and specific for each individual and varies from person to person providing varied experiences. Why is it that human consciousness is limited and the world of objects is limited? Karanas are Buddhi, Manas, Citta and Ahamkara.


tahtvas Consider the chasm that separates Siva from matter. Kankukas cut down the natural perfections of the Supreme Self and thus constitute the enveloped or limited self or Purusa Aham and Idam I and This. Nada transforms into Bindu which is Isvara Tattva, the origin of the worlds.

Maya puts further crimp on Siva by downgrading His status from Supreme Consciousness to human consciousness of Purusa.