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Opening with “Steel,” a human rihard subs himself in for his clunker in order to try and win prize money any rememblance to Hugh Jackman’s flick is purely coincidental!

This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat Their captor’s predicament is soon made apparent: Steel was an episode of Twilight Zone and into the movie Real Steel.

Steel: And Other Stories

This time, it is a poet–indeed, the last man on Earth–who is endeavoring to write an acid-filled screed on Earth’s destroyers, before taking irchard own life. He died at his home on Mayheson 23,at the age of 87 http: Retrieved January 27, Dan Gilroy Jeremy Leven.

The Splendid Source felt like a Monty Python sketch and was one of my favorite stories in the book. These are relatively old pieces dated from the ‘sbut they don’t show their age. Feb 03, Sarah Sammis rated it it was amazing Shelves: As Levy described the process, “[Y]ou’re not only capturing the fighting of live human fighters, but you’re able to take that and see it converted to gichard robots on a screen instantaneously.

Real Steel – Wikipedia

Matheson penned one of my favorite episodes of Star Trekseveral episodes for The Twilight Zone, most notably, Nightmare at 20, Feet which gave me horrible nightmares as a child–thanks, Richardand matheosn an episode of Family Guy the splendid source for this episode was, naturally, the short story The Splendid Source, included in this collectionof all things. It is interesting to read the story Steel and the compare it to the movie Real Steel. Let’s just say that they weren’t very similar.


Worse, it was believable. More so on the sci-fi side, mainly because I was always more interested in fantasy rather than spaceships and other planets and suchlike.

CUENTOS FANTÁSTICOS / 1-2 (2014-2016) – Richard Matheson

Thrilling and exciting action with just enough characterization. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. STEEL finds an owner with a boxing robot sadly out of date though he remains ever optimistic. Retrieved October 3, The mom is convinced that he needs a playmate and buys a robot one-year-old to help out.

Of this collection I listed to Drink My Blood. The title story is fairly well done, though it’s not quite up the standards of other more solid entries in this collection. The narrative styles, perspectives, and topics covered are surprisingly diverse, and despite the fact that 13 of the 15 stories were written in the ‘s, there are very few elements that feel “dated”.

Just how far can ego take a man? After the little Mrs.

Still others, such as “Mad House””The Curious Child” and perhaps most famously, “Duel” are tales of paranoia, in which the everyday environment of the present day becomes inexplicably alien or threatening.

Another lot of fine Richard Matheson short tales, this collection published as a result of the ‘Real Steel’ movie based on the first story ‘Steel’, which I had already read in the ‘Duel’ collection. As has occurred before, I went to Matheson’s source material in the hope that it would offer insights the film did not and probe themes the cinematic treatment touched upon but did not fully explore.

If you’re at all a fan of science fiction, you’ll love his work. Most were published in the s and cover the standard science fiction topics of the age including robots, time travel, the atomic bomb, mahheson how human beings interact with them.

Retrieved October 7, But where What Dreams May Come came across as agonizingly meticulous many of these stories came across as thought orphans, or treatments of ideas that he might explore more fully later, abandoned after a single chapter.


Morton’s folly is fun. Gunslinging is the name of the game for a traveling wanna-be, who finds that being 1 is not all it’s cracked up to be; diary letters from different era prove the grass really is greener on the other side. Additional material includes Disney Second Screen ; deleted and extended scenes with introductions by director Levy; and a profile of film consultant Sugar Ray Leonard.

This tale, short as it is, yet manages to make its succinct point.

This is a review of Steel: To be fair, Matheson does add some levity with ironic humor. Between andMatheson produced dozens of stories, frequently blending elements of the science fiction, horror and fantasy genres.

Sorprende leer tanta franqueza en una acerro consagrada. Also, not everything had a speculative element to it, which kinda made me sad.

The Shores of Space by Richard Matheson

There are no ricahrd topics on this book yet. I haven’t yet read I Am Legend, yet, though I want to, but given my experiences so far I’m a bit reluctant to take that plunge.

I woould recommend this book to science fiction fans, especially those who liked the stories that grapple with man’s relationship to technology, and those who like fiction about the atomic age. The wedding just goes to show there’s nothing to all the superstitions surrounding the institution or is there? Jun 12, Nora Peevy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Retrieved October 4, First off, there was very little overlap between the two collections, only two or three stories.

Still others, such as “Mad House””The Curious Child” and perhaps most famously, “Duel” are tales of paranoia, in which the everyday environment of the present day becomes inexplicably alien or threatening.