Admonition for the Neglectful [Abu Laith / Translated by Rafiq Abdur Rehman Samarqandi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book of . Not to be confused with Imam Abd Al-Wahhab Ash-Sha’rani’s Tanbih’ul Mughtareen also translated as Admonition For The Neglectful English. Admonition For The Neglectful: Tanbihul Ghafileen By Faqih Abu Laith Samarqandi Edited and Translated By Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias Hardback Pages.

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In the same way, good actions are shattered by ostentation and boastfulness, thus it will not accrue any reward. Since people are inclined towards gor these days, the lengthy discussions have been omitted, and most of the quotations have been translated in a concise manner.

Performing an action secretly denotes sincerity, for which a person will be rewarded. I am well aware of my deficiencies in knowledge, and I afmonition that I am unable to do admointion to a noble task like translation. Rasulullah sallallahu-alayhi-wa-sallam has mentioned, “I greatly fear minor polytheism for you. He passed away on the 11th of Jumaadal Ukhra, A.

It will only make the purse seem heavy to others, who will think that he is wealthy. In this manner, a person should carry out his acts of worship, being undeterred by the praises and insults of people.

This humble servant has paged through the book in your hands and derived great benefit from it. Hadhrat Abu Bakr Waasiti R. Performing an action for anyone besides Allah will be deceiving Him.

Rthe great scholar of divine sciences. A once asked Rasulullah sallallahu-alayhi-wa-sallam whether he would be rewarded for an action that he performed secretly, but people had learnt about it and he felt pleased about this.


He is a graduate of Daarul Uloom Deoband. In a similar manner, the ostentatious person will appear to be pious to others, but he will receive no reward for his actions from Allah. He was known as Imaamul Huda the leader of guidance during his time.

Zdmonition may grant him the ability to be sincere in the following action. These will not help him at all. Because it is so well divided and subdivided, extracts can be easily used as article fillers, page and cover fillers. The translator, Maulana Mahfoozul Hassan is an extremely capable youngster, with an eye for intricacies. If a person has these three qualities, he should thank Allah and display humility.


I have published a translation and commentary of this book, adding references and sources where necessary. May Allah increase the deeds and knowledge of the translator, perpetuate his grace, and grant the Muslim ummah the ability to derive benefit from him.

He was so pious and particular that he used to take lumps of sand along with him on journeys, to be used to clean after relieving himself. The person is then rewarded for encouraging others. Someone has said the following fine words, “Safeguarding an action is more difficult than performing it.

-Your Source for Arabic Books: Admonition for the Neglectful:

I humbly request religious scholars to grace me with a notification of such errors. We pray that Allah Taala accepts our efforts to translate into the English language reliable, authentic, valuable material of the Ahlus Fo Wal Jamaat.

A has mentioned that a good action is like fine glass. Someone once told Hadhrat Shafeeq bin Ibraheem R. The reply was, “Do not deceive Allah. The ostentatious person will be called by four names on the Day of Judgement viz. May Allah make this objective be realised. When he was asked about the reason, he replied that he admonltion not like to use the sand of another person without permission.


Someone asked Rasulullah sallallahu-alayhi-wa-sallam about which acts will secure salvation in the Hereafter.

The fact cannot be refuted that, just as knowledge is foundational support of actions, a study of the lives of our pious predecessors is one of the most effective ways of spurring actions. He became extremely pleased and satisfied with this statement.

He should then never allow ostentation to infect his actions, for this will pour water over all that he does. This fact is also revealed by a study of the lives of people like Hakeem Tirmidhi A. Just a little heedlessness will cause it to shatter, whereafter it will be irreparable.

His efforts will then be worthless and his deeds will be destroyed. On the Day of Judgement, those who were ostentatious will be told, “Go to those for whom you had carried out your actions in the world.

If a person acts with the correct intention, he will be practical on his knowledge, will appreciate the company of the righteous and will perform all actions with sincerity. The book in your hands is a translation of a work titled Tambeehul Ghaafileen, which is famous amongst the ulema. This book is actually a translation of the book, Tambeehul Ghaafileen.