II ADNOC HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT A Library of HSE Systems , Programs and Procedures will be maintained by. ADNOC E&S Division. HSE Manual Description. VIKING Emergency Training Drills. VIKING Planned Equipment and Facilities Controls. ADNOC 10 Golden Rules of Safety (GOLDEN RULES OF work activities in line with requirements of respective HSE procedures & manuals.

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The Group Company Competent Person for Diving Operations must be competent in understanding applicable diving procedures, regulations and codes of practice. Are references required and checked? Risks from diving operations within ADNOC and Group Companies must be managed to acceptable levels by adhering to internationally-recognized industry standards for diving.

Some aspects covered are unlikely to be encountered in Abu Dhabi because of the shallow water depths; however, they have been included to cover all possible present and future potential eventualities.

Create your own flipbook. Additionally the other limitations on the use of Scuba, small boats, environmental conditions and decompression facilities may also apply.

They may be maintained in that location by moorings, DP systems or other means. AODC 14 must be complied with for surface diving within 50 meters depth, the requirement for oxygen for emergency use must not fall below 60 cm 3 before a dive commences [Ref.

Are Contractors management reviewing these minutes and responding back to offshore sites to keep them informed of reaction to items and progress regarding safety suggestions? The incidence of DCI drops if the length of time a diver spends at any particular depth is limited. Is there any evidence to indicate steps have been taken to implement external audit recommendations and to what percentage have they been implemented?

For Offshore Diving Supervisors there are currently two levels of IMCA certificates available and any person being considered for appointment as a Supervisor must be in possession of the relevant certificate, i.

This arrangement must be documented with the necessary details readily available offshore. Voice communications between other positions in the vessel, such as the dive control station position and the installation, must only be used if the installation is directly involved with the conduct of the dive, for example, by use of its crane.


While such vessels can be used successfully in many situations, they must be carefully assessed prior to the project and a clear decision made that the limitations of the vessel are nevertheless acceptable in relation to sdnoc proposed work scope and envisaged environmental consideration.

ADNOC 10 Golden Rules of Safety

The range of vessels falling in to this category is substantial but some of the smaller or earlier generation vessels may still have some limitations which may well require careful consideration. They must also yse contingency procedures for any foreseeable emergency. Is there any evidence to indicate implementation of internal audit recommendations and to what percentage level have they been implemented?

They are not to be fitted with a pawl and ratchet gear in which the pawl has to be disengaged before lowering. Dive A dive takes place when a person enters the water, a chamber, or adoc other environment in which he is subject to pressure greater than millibars above atmospheric pressure and who in order to survive in such an environment breathes in air or other gas at a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure.

If so, what is his official title? This minimum will depend on the type of diving, but a standard list has been agreed [Ref.

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Regular examination every six months is also recommended. While lack of food will not normally be a problem, a light snack when back at the bell can be helpful.

No person will be expected to work a hour shift without a meal danoc taken away from their place of work. Is the policy statement consistent throughout the Contractors documentation and signed by the U. The Diving Contractor must provide a defined management structure in writing.

Has the Manuzl designated one individual to be responsible for diving safety? Are accidents and incidents analyzed to not only identify immediate causes but also underlying causes? There is no specific format that this document should take. The dive plan must state that divers in saturation require at least 12 continuous hours of rest in each hours period. Based on this information, the procedures must then need to state how these hazards and risks can be controlled.


However, from international statistics it is apparent that the number mznual serious diving related accidents has been higher in shallower waters i.

The risk assessment must identify site-specific hazards and their risks. It should be stressed that this initial exercise will only provide information for the first stage of the audit.

They must show this to the Diving Supervisor responsible for the first dive after the treatment in order that a check can be made of their fitness to return to diving [DMAC 13, Guidance on assessing fitness to return to diving after decompression illness, [Ref. Diving Supervisors particularly must demonstrate an excellent understanding of safety requirements including accident procedures and Emergency and Contingency Plans.

The dive plan for such work must consider all the relevant safety implications of using this technique instead of the use of a closed bell.

These orders take precedence over any company hierarchy. Does the Contractor have established procedures for dealing with: Similarly, such a person must have the necessary experience and knowledge to be competent for this task.

In the case of a rapid mobilization requirement does the Contractor have in place a procedure to ensure safety inspection and formal safety requirements are being followed? Any such handovers of responsibility must be recorded in writing in the diving operations log.

ADNOC 10 Golden Rules of Safety Pages 1 – 21 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

For surface supplied diving, the standby diver must remain on the surface. ADNOC-COPV by achieved on the surface by means of direct viewing through the view ports but when the bell is under water this must be by means of an internal camera.

The dive plan must include precise instructions regarding the operating procedures.