ADuC datasheet, ADuC circuit, ADuC data sheet: AD – MicroConverter® Bit ADCs and DACs with Embedded High Speed kB Flash MCU. ADuC Datasheet PDF Download – MicroConverter Bit ADCs and DACs, ADuC data sheet. ADuC/ADuC/ADuC MicroConverter® Multichannel Bit ADC with Embedded 62 kB Flash and Single-Cycle MCU Anomaly Data Sheet for Rev F.

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This configuration is shown in Figure Set automatically at power-on to indicate that the PLL loop is correctly tracking the crystal clock. Cleared by user software. This bit can be used to force the interface back to the default idle state.

One Technology Way, Datasheef. Applications Optical networking—laser power control Base station systems Precision instrumentation, smart sensors Transient capture systems DAS and communications systems. The format of the ADC bit result word is shown in Figure The MicroConverter core can be configured with an interrupt to be triggered by the DMA controller when it has finished filling datasueet requested block of RAM with ADC results, allowing the service routine for this interrupt to postprocess data without any real-time timing constraints.

When enabled, Counter 2 is incremented in response to a 1 to 0 transition of the T2 input. Similarly, the gain calibration coefficient compensates for dc gain errors in both the ADC and the input signal.

Autoreload mode is illustrated in Figure Scale the clock source for the PWM counter as follows: Set by user software to enable serial port reception. Cleared by the user. Byte program sequence memory.

These modes can be independently activated, restricting access to the internal code space. To use the internal PLL, connect a Lock Mode This mode locks the code memory, disabling parallel programming of the program memory. In this state, Port 0 pins can be used as high impedance inputs. Port 2 emits the high-order address bytes during accesses to the external bit external data memory space.


If SM2 is cleared, RI is set as soon as the byte of data has been received. If I2CTX is cleared, the master is ready to transmit a byte.

Port of San Francisco: Set by the user to 0 to use the internal PLL clock. Cycling Power All registers are set to their default state and program execution starts at the reset vector approximately ms later. Transmit Clock Enable Bit.

AN-644 APPLICATION NOTE Frequency Measurement Using Timer 2 on a MicroConverter

The debugger provides access to all on-chip peripherals during a typical debug session as well as single step, animate, and break-point code execution control. The microcontroller is an optimized core offering up to.

TH0 and TL0 are cascaded; there is no prescaler. Each ADC conversion is divided into two distinct phases, as defined by the position of the switches in Figure Timer 2 Digital Input T2. In order to measure the number of cycles, a record of the number of times a 1-to-0 transition occurs on the waveform should be maintained. Output of the Inverting Oscillator Amplifier. Because the DMA logic uses pipelining, it takes three cycles before the first correct result is written out.

Figure 22 shows the voltage output of the on-chip temperature sensor versus temperature. In continuous conversion mode, a new conversion begins each time the previous one finishes. Anomaly Sheet for Silicon Rev. Cleared to 0 by the user to disable the power supply monitor circuit.

Set to enable Timer 3 to generate the baud rate. When the destination operand is a port or a port bit, these instructions read the latch rather than the pin. Precision instrumentation, smart sensors. The sample rate is then simply the inverse of the total conversion time described previously. The 3 V part has a POR trip level of 2. The rate at which this happens depends on the value and degree of compensation required.

  IEC 61310-1 PDF

AN APPLICATION NOTE Frequency Measurement Using Timer 2 on a MicroConverter

External Memory Address A7. Multiprocessor Communication Enable Bit. If you do, however, be sure to include the Schottky diodes shown in Figure 31 or at least the lower of the two diodes to protect the analog input from undervoltage conditions. When set, this bit starts the selected calibration cycle. The SS pin must also be driven low externally during the byte communication.

In order to extend this frequency, a record is kept of the number of times Timer 2 overflows during the 1 second interval. ULOAD mode can be used to upgrade your code in the field via any user defined download protocol. For example, a port pin might dataxheet used to drive the base of a transistor. A view of the timer switches Game Timer.

Though the op amps in Table 12 are capable of delivering output signals that very closely approach ground, no amplifier can deliver signals all the way to ground eatasheet powered by a single supply.

If this bit is set by the user, the watchdog generates an interrupt response instead of a system reset when the watchdog timeout period has expired.