General information about Agriotes sp. (AGRISP) Basic information. EPPO code: AGRISP; Preferred name: Agriotes sp. Propose photo. Taxonomy. Kingdom . Agriotes sp. [Click Beetle]. Home. If you are interested to use any of the image(s), please read the conditions carefully. photo. DSC (13). photo. DSC Keywords: wireworms, click beetles, Agriotes, integrated pest step in insecticide absorption for the wireworm Agriotes sp (Coleoptera.

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We strive to provide accurate information, but we are mostly just amateurs attempting to make sense of a diverse natural world. Most of the behavioral effects repellency, morbidity, sublethal effect, etc.

A ground-based pheromone trap for monitoring Agriotes lineatus and A. Low levels of reduced-risk pesticides can be combined with biological agents without environmentally harmful traditional pesticide strategies [], which clearly represents potential savings for growers [ ].

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Combining a geostatistic analysis of agronomic characteristics of soil and climatic conditions of the investigated area with adult distribution pattern, it should be possible to draw risk-areas on a predetermined scale of investigation such as a province and to provide more precise monitoring and management, provided that further studies show more details of how key variables influence the distribution [ ]. Some insecticides may increase pest mobility and increase acquisition of EPF conidia and, since mortality is dose-related, increase mortality [ ].

A ground-based pheromone trap highly efficient for monitoring A. Agriotes proximus and A.


Potato – Agriotes spp. (Wireworms)

Elateridaeafter topical application of various insecticides. The progressive restrictions in the matter of efficient synthetic chemicals for health and environmental care brought out the need for alternative management techniques.

Support Center Support Center. Table 1 shows insecticides tested against Agriotes wireworms since National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Categorization and numerical assessment of wireworm mobility over time following exposure to bifenthrin. The outcomes appear to be dependent on factors, including EPF strain a virulent strain is vitally importantdose and the synergist type or efficacy enhancing agent used, which overall underlines the need to identify and optimize synergies [ ]. Effect of time of bait exposure on number of wireworms Coleoptera: Geranyl hexanoate attracting male click beetles Agriotes rufipalpis Brulle and Agriotes sordidus Illiger Col.

More than identifying ap adapted strains less risky as to their impact on non-target organisms, this helps outline their optimal development conditions. Molecular analysis of gut content screening for plant DNA [ 86 ] outlines that wireworms are lured away from the target crop and also preferentially consume the intercrops [ ], e.

Identification and electroantennographic activity of sex-specific geranyl esters in an abdominal gland of female Agriotes obscurus L.

Synergies could equally work against wireworms and offer an organic or chemical-free approach in the control of A. The on-going work on alternative active substances that affect wireworms can benefit lessons from previous research on synthetic chemicals. Resorting to soil insecticide or insecticide-treated seeds to control wireworm populations is often unnecessary, but information to implement IPM strategies is missing or unknown to farmers [ 57 ].

If you need expert professional advice, contact your local extension office. The sensitivity of crops to attack is highly variable [ ] and the sensitivity of single seedlings and the one of the crop agronomic sensitivity should be distinguished [ 57 ].

The main effects of wireworm feeding on neck and belowground plant organs are seedling mortality [ 34 ] and all implied yield losses. Elateridae in a sugarcane field.


EPPO Global Database

It also exposes the insects to natural predators. Temperature also influences wireworm movement: Entomopathogenic Fungi The efforts to develop the use of entomopathogenic fungi EPF against wireworms are very recent, although these enemies were known since early in the 20th century. Neonicotinoids as seed potato treatments to control wireworms.

The biology of Agriotes ustulatus Schaller Col. Studies of wireworm populations. Click the contributor’s name for licensing and usage information. For example, natural infestations of Metarhizium spp. As stated above, grassy landscape margins would be key factors explaining wireworm potato damage. Any potential remains interesting because of possible synergies [ ], such as observed with M.

Agriotes sp. (AGRISP)[Overview]| EPPO Global Database

For both click beetles and wireworms, an identification key morphological, including molecular validation, as was done by Pic et al. Insecticides tested against Agriotes sincewith sources, mode of application, protected crop, Agriotes species whenever possible and specific behavioral observations sublethal effects, such as morbidity, lowered activity and recovery periods or repellency.

Crop rotation, availability of food resources through the season, climatic-agronomic features and soil characteristics are the main known factors influencing the composition of species communities and larval population density [ 57 ]. The efficacy of M. Optimization of Agriotes sordidus monitoring in northern italy rural landscape, using a spatial approach.

Spatial clustering of Diabrotica virgifera virgifera and Agriotes ustulatus in small-scale maize fields without topographic relief drift. Carbodan [ ] Seed treatment Sunflower Agriotes spp.