View and Download Akai XR10 operator’s manual online. 16 bit pcm drum machine. XR10 Music Equipment pdf manual download. This page contains information about the Operator’s Manual for the XR10 from Akai. Preview and download studio quality samples from the AKAI XR Download samples and manuals from some of the best electronic instruments.

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THE XR10 ISN’T the best thought-out or the best specified drum machine in the world, but it does sound rather good, with a real meaty, beaty, big and bouncy sound. Erasing instruments is accomplished in a similarly traditional manner, by holding down the Erase pad together with the appropriate instrument pad one at a time ; if you only want to erase a specific beat or series of beats, you only hold down the instrument pad during those beats.

There are significant advantages to creating rhythm parts in a MIDI sequencer as opposed to a manuaal machine, and significant advantages to being able to draw on your own library of sampled drum sounds as opposed to a collection of sounds provided for you by a manufacturer.

Other Media Files : Akai XR10

The 50 rhythm Presets, which are listed across the XR10’s front panel for ready selection, include the Latin rhythm staples of the preset machine – samba, mambo, cha cha, beguine, bossa nova, rhumba and salsa. Bass drums x10snares x10rimshots x2hihats x3toms x12crash x2ride cymbal x2claps, finger snap, conga x4vibraslap, guiros x2cabasa, tambourine, triangle x2cowbell, claves, timbales x2agogo x2slap bass and a FX orchestral hit.

Akai XR 42 out of based on 1 user ratings. All this can go on within one Song step if you want, but the idea is more that you can repeat sections within sections within sections of a Song – providing you can keep track of what you’re doing.

The Velocity Feel parameter effectively changes the perceived “hardness” of a Sound when you’re triggering it from an XR10 instrument pad, because, with the parameter turned on, the Sound’s attack becomes less percussive at lower velocities – and the pads seem to operate at a fixed mid velocity value, producing a consistent difference which can in some cases be quite, urn, striking.

Now, as long as you Stop the drum machine between selecting different patterns the new tempo will be selected, but when you change patterns while the drum machine is playing in Pattern Play or Song Play modes the tempo isn’t updated.

But, along with these and the likes of waltz, country, march, twist, reggae and jazz rhythms and five rock rhythms, Akai have included a number of rhythms labelled dance, funk, electro, disco and beatbox. Incidentally, the metronome on the XR10 also outputs the metronome beat as a MIDI note fixed as note 24 on its transmit channel.

Each Mahual Sound can be assigned separate Sound Volume and Effect Volume amounts which control the level of the Sound at the stereo and Effect outs respectively – so, for instance, to output a Sound only from the Effect output you zero its Sound volume. Notes are assigned a default velocity value by the XR10, but you can change that value by holding down the Accent pad and tapping one of the 15 instrument pads each pad plays the currently-selected instrument mnaual a different velocity strength.


Will it end up being overshadowed by Cheetah’s MD16 drum machine, which is mmanual sophisticated and yet significantly cheaper? Each User pattern can be assigned its own tempo bpm. Cleaning with alcohol or various stuff will do nothing and can worsen situation for sure, best solution is electro conductive solution. Overall it has a very contemporary sound, which means that it doesn’t go out of its way to sound like either real drums or a real drummer. Please Contribute to mu: I’d like to see manufacturers give their drum machines the ability to automatically compile a song chain from pattern selections made in real-time in Play mode.

What’s more, you should be able to do this while the machine is synced to MIDI clocks or MTC, so that you can create the song chain as you listen to, and perhaps record, other parts in the track.

In contrast, Akai’s first drum machine of the non-sampling kind, the XR10, has to rely solely on its 65 internal bit PCM drum and percussion samples, known as Preset Sounds. Hopefully we’ll be able to find out soon. I couldn’t get the drum machine to sync to an external MIDI device as either master or slave in Pattern mode, despite the manual’s intimation that this should be possible in Pattern Write mode when the drum machine’s “MIDI clock” parameter is on. Fun and weird XR10 video from Japan: Akai have elected to make their budget drum machine both a preset and a programmable instrument, with 50 preset rhythm types and 99 programmable patterns.

It’s akaii to see that they’re acknowledging the existence of such rhythms, but you won’t find any classic beats among them, nor any which are particularly riveting, except perhaps for one or two of the dance and electro rhythms.

Give it a maanual “. Most of the samples are old school big drums, acoustic gated toms but also electro percussions in a perfect Kraftwerk-like style. Please include your email address if you want to be contacted regarding your note. Akai’s drum machine doesn’t have any individual outs as such, but you can use the Effect output as an individual out if you patch it into a channel on your mixing desk, then remove a Sound from the XR10’s stereo outs and route it to the Effect out instead.

The manual gives no indication of the XR10’s note storage capacity, but after indulging in some pattern-copying to fill up the memory I’d estimate it at just short of notes, which means you’re unlikely to be able to record 99 four-bar patterns unless you’re into very sparse rhythms.


But if the XR10 encourages erstwhile preset drum xr01 owners to begin programming their own rhythms, who am I to argue? Of course, if you’re slaving the drum machine off a sequencer then this doesn’t matter, and having to go through the tempo page each time you exit Pattern Record becomes even more irksome.

Write us report Error Contribute Support Us. The drum machine always plays the Sounds programmed on each step, so with the various scrolling options available to you, it’s easy to listen to a pattern in more-or-less real time while you’re in step-time mode.

Documents, presets, manuals Akai XR10 – Audiofanzine

Sound parameters are associated with zr10 Sound rather than the pad, so editing a Sound will affect all the patterns in which it occurs, both Preset and User.

A more informative error message than “Oops! If you select Sounds which you don’t want to use internally, you can incorporate external percussion sounds or a bassline, for instance, into an XR10 pattern. CONS – edit interface – cheap built. Small Print Terms of use Privacy. Experimentation is the name of the game – not akia mention fun. Still, that’s enough on this subject. Additionally, if you’ve set Auto Scan to on, the XR10 automatically stops at the next or previous note when you’re fast-scrolling.

Previous article in this issue: With some nifty fingerwork on the numeric keypad and the rhythm selector manuzl you can combine rhythms from different Presets while the XR10 is running in Play mode, so that, for instance, you could experiment with dropping a fill-in manuap a break from a salsa rhythm into a variation from an electro rhythm.

Including preset rhythms on a programmable drum machine isn’t unheard of, but Akai have taken the preset ethos a step further on the XR10 by providing variation, fill-in, intro, xg10 and ending rhythms for each of the 50 Presets and allowing you to select them from front-panel instrument pads. When the pattern is Stopped you can use the Erase pad to erase the entire pattern, but not, unlike on some drum machines, an individual instrument part.


The number of bars per pattern also comes into the equation. Each Song can have a maximum of 99 steps or bars, with each step consisting of one Preset or one User pattern.

The XR10 is a big improvement on Akai’s XE8 drum expander, has its own distinct character, and overall is a welcome addition at the budget end xr01 the market. Created sequences and songs can be data dumped to Midi exclusives protocol. I also have to wonder if whoever programmed the disco rhythms has ever heard any disco music.