Akhenaten: The Heretic King. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Pp. xxvi, , The American Historical Review, Volume. Loading data.. Open Bottom Panel. Go to previous Content Download this Content Share this Content Add This Content to Favorites Go to next Content. ← →. Akhenaten, the heretic king. [Donald B Redford] — Describes the world of Akhenaten, a ruler of ancient Egypt who attempted to introduce.

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Akhenaten wearied of Rib-Hadda’s constant correspondences and once told Rib-Hadda: I do have my caveats, which I will beretic shortly, but it is a remarkable read. Redford is my bible for writing about the 18th dynasty of Ancient Egypt. He claimed he was the only person able to converse with his god. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Much of the art and building infrastructure created during Akhenaten’s reign was defaced or destroyed in the period following his death, particularly during the reigns of Horemheb and the early 19th Dynasty kings.

The American University in Cairo Press. Refresh and try again. Thanks for telling us about heeetic problem. Tushratta complains in numerous letters that Akhenaten had sent him gold-plated statues rather than statues made of solid gold; the statues formed part of the bride-price which Tushratta received for letting his daughter Tadukhepa marry Hfretic III and then later marry Akhenaten.

Another unfounded claim was neretic by Immanuel Velikovskywho hypothesized an incestuous relationship with his mother, Tiye.

Only the Egyptian border province of Amurru in Syria around the Orontes river was permanently lost to the Hittites when its ruler Aziru defected to the Hittites. Omowale Jabali rated it it was amazing Dec 30, Akuenaten reasons have been suggested, such as to emulate the creative nature of the Aten, who is called in Amarna tomb texts “mother and father” of all that is.


His paintings were detailed and unique in that they showed naturalism along the Nile River.

Akhenaten the Heretic Pharaoh –

This continued to outrage the people of Egypt and left the population uneasy and angry. Ancestors of Akhenaten You will never think of history Dr. Everything was ravished and destroyed upon his death. Akhenaten described himself as “thy son who came forth from thy limbs”, “thy child”, “the eternal son that came forth from the Sun-Disc”, and “thine only son that came forth from thy body”. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Akhenaten.

Retrieved 15 December But thhe a clear bias in his writing. Chronicle of the Queens of Egypt. Still, this is an excellent study, better written than most such scholarly works. Who am I, a dog, and what is my house In Decemberit was announced that a Year 16 III Akhet day 15 inscription dated explicitly to Akhenaten’s reign which mentions, in the same breath, the presence of a living Queen Nefertiti, was found in a limestone quarry at Deir el-Bersha just north of Amarna.

Kanakht-qai-Shuti Year [5].

There is little or no evidence to support the notion that Akhenaten was a progenitor of the full-blown monotheism that we find in the Bible. Precursor of Mosiac monotheism or Egyptian anomaly? If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in. May he send me much gold in order that my brother [with tge gold and m]any [good]s may honor me. If you don’t have a particular opinion on Akhenaten, then this book will probably be interesting, in the least.

Were you ignorant of the treacherousness of the men?

Akhenaten the Heretic Pharaoh

Redford argued that while Akhenaten called himself the son of the Sun-Disc and acted as the chief mediator between god and creation, kings for thousands of years before Akhenaten’s time had claimed the same relationship and priestly role. His daughter was then replaced with Ankhesenpaaten.


There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Herehic the end, Akhenaten was forced to release Aziru back to his homeland when the Hittites advanced southwards into Amkithereby threatening Egypt’s series of Asiatic akhenatwn states, including Amurru. Aten is the sun god and was taken into battle with Tuthmosis IV and later taken by Akhenaten. In Thebes, Amon kiny the god that was elevated to the highest position.

May my brother cause me no distress. Wilkinson, The Complete Valley of the Kings. Laura rated it liked it Jan 22, He said to my messengers, ‘See with your own eyes, here the statues, there much gold and goods beyond measure, which I am sending to my brother.

Slavery after Rome, — Various writers have depicted this strange ruler of the fourteenth century B. Timeline of the Ancient Near East. Allen, “Nefertiti and Smenkh-ka-re”, GMpp.

In my brother’s country gold is as plentiful as dust. Suzanne rated it it was amazing Jun 20, Nor have you sent me the goods that your father was going to send me, but you have reduced [them] greatly. He is his father’s image on earth, and as Akhenaten is king on earth, his father is king in heaven. AkhetatenGempaaten, Hwt-Benben.

Before much of the archaeological evidence from Thebes and from Tell el-Amarna became available, wishful thinking sometimes turned Akhenaten into a humane teacher of the true God, a akhenwten of Moses, a christlike figure, a philosopher before his time.