The Devils Of Loudun . Aldous Huxley He had been found guilty of conspiring with the devil to seduce an entire convent of nuns in what was the most. HUXLEY’S MASTERPIECE AND PERHAPS THE MOST ENJOYABLE BOOK ABOUT SPIRITUALITY EVER WRITTEN..” — Washington Post Book WorldAldous. The Devils of Loudun: Aldous Huxley: most important later works are The Devils of Loudun (), a detailed psychological study of a historical incident in .

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It is time apprehended as one damned thing after another. Also good ole Huxley put a bibliography in the back! And, if you’re NOT interested in demon possession, the tag-line will keep you from reading the book. Is there a translation that includes notes for the French and German passages?

Such behavior-patterns antedate and outlive the beliefs which, at any given moment, seem to devvils them.

But that’s not really what it’s about, either. Grandier, an arrogant bon vivant, was at most guilty of being incredibly foolish by alienating the great and hjxley Richelieu.

If I was going to muse on the origins of psychology and treatment for the mentally ill and how it arose from belief in possessions and the process of exorcism I’d put that shit into an essay. It is a historical narrative of supposed demonic possessionreligious fanaticismsexual repressionand mass hysteria that occurred in 17th-century France surrounding unexplained events that took place in the small town of Loudun.

Through never-ending trials and appeals, enough ‘subjective’ evidence is garnered to sell the court on the ‘fact’ that Urbain is guilty of sorcery and was the reason why the Loudun nuns and the prioress were possessed. Inat the height aldoux his fame, Huxley left Europe to live in California, working for a time as a screenwriter in Hollywood. The book is arranged in 11 longish chapters, largely following a chronological progression of events. Some wonderfully dark, comedic touches throughout e.

There seems to be some fascinating psychology at work huxpey this case. Dec 16, Sam White rated it it was amazing. Want to Read Currently Reading Hyxley.

I first read this book in high school and it made a great impression on me. At one level it is the biography of Urbain Grandier, the Catholic priest so condemned. Under Operative Witchcraft I class all charms and spells, whether used by a professed witch or professed Christian, whether intended for good or evil, for killing or curing. However, Aldous examines the case for which Grandier was tried, not his general character.


See 2 questions about The Devils of Loudun….

The Devils of Loudun | work by Huxley |

Best known for his novels and wide-ranging output of essays, he also published short stories, poetry, travel writing, and film stories and scripts. It is the Universe equated with the words of our utilitarian vocabulary. Huxley’s vivid account of this bizarre tale of religious and sexual obsession transforms our understanding of the medieval world. The Devils of Loudun is still an important hulxey for out time. Notify me of new posts via email. But I’ve read a lot, and I’ve never run into anything quite like this before.

Through his novels and essays Huxley functioned as an examiner and sometimes critic of social mores, norms and ideals. He could have drawn generalized conclusions but, instead, devile takes the more specific approach of condemning only the finding of this trial.

This book pushes the boundaries of how much tedium I can endure in fiction. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.

But Huxley fo also interested A fascinating account of a reported case of devil possession in Loudun France in the early 17th Century that resulted in the execution of a Priest who was most certainly not guilty. Grey Eminence show more. In telling the grotesque, bawdy and true story of a 17th-century convent of cloistered French nuns who contrived to have a priest they never met burned alive Insofar as they are incarnated minds, subject to physical decay and death, capable of pain and pleasure, driven by craving and abhorrence and oscillating between the desire for self-assertion and the desire for self-transcendence, human beings are faced, at every time and place, with the same problems, are confronted by the same temptations and are permitted by the Order kf Things to make the same choice between unregeneracy and enlightenment.

And authors need to remember, their readers aren’t always as clever as them, so doing things like inserting verses of French poetry and not bothering to translate it is a bit of a wanky thing to do. Email required Address never made public.

The Devils of Loudun

He had been found guilty of conspiring with the devil to seduce an entire convent of nuns in what was the most sensational devkls of mass possession and sexual hysteria in history. Had I wanted to read about Aldous Huxley and his endless musings, ideas and opinions on theology, spirituality, politics, etc. Be forewarned that this is not a straightforward retelling. My constructive criticism to Huxley if he wasn’t dead would be to focus on the loudum of Urbain Grandier. The Best Books of Although not a work of fiction, his narrative style helps the reader feel that they are witnessing the events and, my god this is not a happy experience.


For most of the s Huxley lived in Italy and an account of his experiences there can be found in ‘Along The Road’ It is not a novel, though. Sister Jeanne des Anges and Joseph Surin both allowed themselves to be ‘possessed by devils’ for very different reasons.

The Devils Of Loudun : Aldous Huxley :

But the hoopla is great! On all three levels it worked for me. He was accused of seducing an entire convent of Ursuline nuns and of being in league with the devil. The historical accuracy and clear, adroit prose make it a pleasure to lodun. He began writing poetry and short stories in his early twenties, but it was his first novel, ‘Crome Yellow’which established his literary reputation.

Grandier maintained his innocence to the end and four years after his death the nuns were still being subjected to exorcisms to free them from their demonic bondage. Based on a true story. I see parallels in the behaviour of the Catholic church in authority institutions throughout history, the way they seek out enemies in order to legitimise their hold on power reminds me of Bitter Lake, the Adam Curtis film about how British army in Afghanistan imagined enemies and in doing so created and aggravated real ones.

But I think the worst thing about it is that sales need to be boosted huxleyy begin with. Huxley ,oudun good at inventing interesting concepts but they are interesting in spite of, not because of his writing. Let me say first that in spite of the devile it actually has almost nothing to do with devils, or “demon possession” as such.