All Just Glass is a novel written by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes and the seventh book in her Den of Shadows series and her twelfth novel overall. It is the direct. May 8, Sarah Vida has given up everything for love. From a legendary family of vampire- hunting witches, Sarah was raised to never trust a vampire. Dec 22, This sequel to Shattered Mirror () in the Den of Shadows series continues the story of the Vida witch clan and their mortal enemies.

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Posted Mar 16, Nikolas tried to follow, but he was unable keep himself from feeding off and killing humans. They don’t sparkle and are still nocturnal and still kill most of them but they don’t really have a problem with the sun either. I had fun revisiting the world and characters all of whom are beautiful, dark, and brooding, of coursebut the way this was written just felt sloppy with strange jumps in continuity.

It’s a great device when it’s done well. Many will fight, many will die, and the ensuing cycle of attack and revenge may wipe out the Vida line for all time. This was definitely a novel for the fans of Shattered Mirror in a lot of ways. It could potentially overwhelm, and even turn off a reader new to the world.

With an epilogue the next night, but yeah, one entire day in the lives of Sarah and Aida Vida. I was also on the fencing team for two years, an experience that actually inspired a couple storylines, and regret that I did not continue with that sport. Christopher is in love with Sarah and can’t bear what he’s done.


I hope to work either as an English teacher at the secondary level, or in special education.

All Just Glass by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes | : Books

Novels by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, ameliaa. Hawksong Snakecharm Falcondance Wolfcry Wyvernhail I eventually figured it out, but it was very, very distracting.

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Shattered Mirror – Wikipedia

What the hell is going on with Sarah, Kristopher and Nikolas? Overall, if you liked Shattered Mirrorthis won’t disappoint. From a legendary family of vampire-hunting witches, Sarah was raised to never ataater-rhodes a vampire, to never let her guard down, and to avoid all tricky attachments of the heart.

She also threw terms at us that a new b might not have known like bloodbond, etc. She is a renowned vampire hunter feared by vampires and other hunters alike.

Feb 07, Amanda rated it liked it.

All Just Glass

She manages to escape with the help of her sister Adianna. What little plot there was was straightforward: But characters we rarely see? Sarah decides to go against the warnings of Nissa and attends the party.

Nov 26, Small Review rated it did not like it Shelves: This one was published nearly a decade after atwater-rodes last book in the series, which I didn’t read, nor the one before that. Views Read Edit View history. The only thing that didn’t work for me is the timing.

I was very excited when I saw this book, and interested in finding out what happened next. I honestly didn’t see it coming.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This book was not nearly as good as Atwater-Rhodes’ early works. The juts of this book take place over the course of a mere 24 hours. Really deal with what was going on with the characters and Dominique’s past, which is barely alluded to and barely explained and yet is really the lynch-pin to how the book ends up.


It’s such a stereotypical YA vampire novel cover that it’s disgusting.

Although it is a sequel, because it has been years since the last book and because it is not marketed as a sequela few more refresher details would have been nice. But when Aida’s mother insists that Sarah be found and killed, Aida is given the one assignment that she may not be able to carry aamelia.

The Vida line specializes in offensive magic skills and physical combat for the purpose of hunting vampires. Though there are many different kinds of love evident throughout the story. Overall, All Just Glass left a lot to be desired, but atwater-rhides did answer the big question — what happens when a vampire hunting glasd is turned into a vampire — and I guess that was the whole point of the book.

I suspect this was done to give us a better idea of what is glaws on in each characters’ head, therefore developing them more fully. I’m sure that I have mentioned this before in my reviews, but I try not to find out too much about a book that I am seriously considering reading for review.

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