Hey hopefully taking the RIC in the spring. Anyone out there have a RIC guide from one they took possibly in a PDF or something that I can get. Membership Director: Henry Beyer [email protected] Program AMGA Guide Education and Certification Program. AMGA Rock Guide Course & Aspirant Exam Overview . The packet will include: program manual, roster, location map, . The AMGA rock exam will weed you out. For twelve hours a day, five days in a row, we guided the best rock guides in the US up convoluted.

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Jon was recovering from a serious spinal injury suffered in a skiing accident.

AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Courses

The program is for current, active rock climbers who have a real desire to teach rock climbing to novices in a single pitch setting. Leave No Trace – Help develop professional courze with respect to the environment and other users. Bottom managed climbs – How to switch active belayers around or take over a belay and ascend to coach a climber while maintaining the belay.

Why should I take the course?

Risk Management – Tips to minimize edge time exposure, identifying critical moments in cycles of climbing activities. Please see details regarding payment and policies on our Scheduling Page. However, unlike the others, you not only have great technical skills, but great teaching skills as well. The SPI Course is a hour training course that normally runs as three consecutive nine-hour days or day classes with evening sessions.

How long is the course and how does the certification work? See course listing above. Why do I need this course?


Jon is currently one of three lead trainers that teach certified guides to instruct the TRSM course. These programs facilitate climbing experiences in which the staff typically belays participants and does not teach rock climbing skills such as belaying, anchor construction, etc.

AMGA Guide Training Courses

While the course fee coursf appear high compared to other outdoor courses, you receive much more personalized attention in this course as the maximum course ratio is 6: The sites are also far less crowded. When should you use two?

The content and isntructor are knstructor. Course Details Course Leader: In the big picture, you will need sufficient gear for setting up at least one top-rope site in a variety of types of scenarios. We have had one or more full time AMGA certified rock instructors or rock guides on staff each year since – sixteen years more than any other local school. You have led a minimum of 15 traditional routes, most of which should be 5. This course is designed to bridge the gap between indoor climbing instruction and outdoor climbing instruction.

Sign up for an existing course or contact Rock Dimensions to provide a specific training for your organization. A Site Verification provides training focused on the specific climbing activities being done and is not comprehensive in nature. While not all course participants are ready for the certification standard by the end of the course, we are confident that you will significantly broaden your knowledge base of climbing knowledge and go home with many new ideas and skills. Can a rappel and belay be done with one rope?

Propelled by CoPilot at 6, ft. If a course is not available prior to expiration, a written extension may be approved by the AMGA office, the Technical Director or the Discipline Coordinator extending a certification up to twelve months.


The additional skills of raising systems and safe lowering from the top are covered in this course. It is the responsibility of the individual insrtuctor maintain appropriate medical training.

What if I don’t have enough personal gear? Without having at least this amount experience you are unlikely to make best use of the training. Peer feedback and review.

The core curriculum is approximately ten hours. If we are not able to meet your schedule, we will be happy to refer you to other qualified guides. Teaching and Learning – Practice and role modelling of teaching climbing activities and ajga that address major learning styles. Sites that feature multitudes of both traditional and re-directed top rope climbs and unique site challenges are easily accessible. Jon has been teaching rock and ice climbing to groups on a year round basis since and this curriculum is largely a synthesis of methods developed from that experience.

The curriculum includes training and credentialing designed to help new climbers and climbing instructors gain access to accurate and consistent instryctor, and to utilize safer, more efficient techniques that are environmentally friendly.

The course also manuql the State of Maryland certification requirements for climbing instructors.

The SPI Assessment is a minimum of 16 hours run over a two-day period. I have done other private lessons with AMGA guides and was not too impressed