Anatheism has ratings and 17 reviews. Rex said: I am always hesitant to review books written for a conversation for which I lack basic accord. After. In Anatheism, Richard Kearney sets a path of returning to God “after God”. This is a road map for those who have moved intellectually away. So what is anatheism? Kearney describes it variously as a movement, a paradigm, an invitation, a wager, a drama; a position between, before.

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It is a moment both kenotic the emptying of Word into flesh anatyeism eucharistic the celebration of the infinite in the finite bread and wine of quotidian experience.

No new paradigm has become entrenched. And in such instants of kenotic hospitality, where we exchange our God with others — sometimes not-knowing for a kearnsy which one is true — we open ourselves to the gracious possibility of receiving our keadney God back again; but this time as a gift from the other, as a God of life beyond death. I read the author’s introduction and decided to table it for future read.

This is not to say I am altogether unable to appreciate what Kearney is doing. Since its publication inAnatheism has been the subject of five international anatjeism and is to be supplemented with a follow-up volume of conversations on the topic between the author and such leading thinkers as Charles Taylor, Julia Kristeva and James Wood.

Most important, how will the image of Abraham greeting the the visitor change religion as it replaces the sacrifice of Isaac imagery used by modernists? DO you see it as a viable present?

And it is there that I am left cold by this book. Return to Book Page. Has the suspension of dogmatic certainties and presumptions anahheism a space in which we can encounter religious wonder anew? Jesse Miller rated it really liked it Dec 14, And if it is faced as being still a presence, it’s shocking enough to require attention.

As for the rest of the book, I would give it anatheis 1 or 2 stars. You might be onto something.

Richard Kearney, Anatheism: Returning to God after God.

anstheism He lets one see how Levinas, Ricoeur, Kristeva, and Caputo are received in the literature. Wilhelm rated it it was ok Jul 23, This time, faith is not lost by the failure anatheiem a few to trust what the earth will provide, but by millions of people who have seen what other humans can do to ksarney other, by fundamentalist leaders who are liars and by those who have tracked the way from atom into emptiness, which is called the beginning of everything.


The second half of the book Interlude and Postlude details keatney third moment of Anatheism: Is it because the world was more secular so anything gave religion? Can you argue if you are coming from such a different place?

First, though being a work rooted in hermeneutics, it fails to assess the impact of a religions early history in its dogma and theodicy.

Her vision was that of an early anatheist who has the extreme privilege of a spirit of openness and wants to pass it along. Theirs was a mysticism “exhumed from beliefs,” as Michel de Certeau would say.

Anatheism: Returning to God After God by Richard Kearney

I am referring to the obvious fact that many Jews are bicultural. Feb 24, B. Any post-secular religious experience that anarheism can think of that produces disorientation and perplexity? In that respect, this book is a tough one to comment on.

Anatheism: Returning to God After God

That to create a hospitable environment, one must commit a certain level of violence to provide security to the stranger who has anathdism invited in. Could it not be that God, the divine stranger, will appear to us more real than ourselves, piercing the darkness of ignorance as its contrary and calling us by one baptism to our universal end in Himself?

May 20, Rex Bradshaw rated it liked it Shelves: Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Book of Doctrines and Opinions: Both words signal a return to early Scripture, but in the possibility of their reiteration-one kindly, the other terrifying-they still exist. If someone says we now live in a post secular age, I think it is minimally incumbent for that person to say how is what we feel and think today so very different from what we thought and felt during the post-modernist age?


I am entirely in agreement that religious dialogue is healthy, even necessary, but I question the validity of his preconditions.

Kearney pushing his hermeneutic phenomenology further into religion. Why must the kenosis of incarnation, to truly affirm creation, involve a kearneyy of the metaphysically necessary divine role as eternal Logos sustaining all things?

I travel for a while and immerse myself in the thought of some rabbi who lived in a different conceptual world with very different rules of inference.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Destrianna Saraswati rated it really mearney it Jul 29, I comment on uber -charedi blogs because the antheism is part of me from childhood on, and I feel a certain empathy with their struggles kearjey aspirations.

According to Kearney, the old God of commandments, creeds, institutions, and ontotheology is somehow responsible for all the horrors inflicted on the world by religious people like Torquemada and Bin Laden—but would he deny that his inspirations like St Francis, Ibn Rushd, and Dorothy Day also and arguably with more genuine devotion believed in just such a God as part and parcel of their transforming faith?

Comments The comments are moderated and checked when I get to them. Since losing my first God–Calvin’s sovereign master of all destinies–I’ve been searching. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. There have been zero to maybe a few articles from all the Brisker and all the lumdim and baalei musar that has been published in anatheizm peer reviewed psychology or philosophy journal.

You seem convinced we are ta da post- secular, and if the evangelical frumies sneeze we will feel or there is something analogous across the board in Jewish life.

Together these three add up to one, sanitywhich can anafheism be cherished when it is lost. Anatheism stands for a form of faith that follows the discrediting of religion in the West. Red Sneakz August 26, at 3: