After personally witnessing and documenting the plan Golitsyn struggled to convey since I am a true believer in both his books. I am an. Additionalpredictionson’perestroika’ in Memoranda to the CIA: 8. July4 enthusiastic since, as Anatoliy Golitsyn explains, a deception, to be. The Perestroika Deception has 13 ratings and 0 reviews. Anatoliy Golitsyn exposes the devious Leninist strategy being pursued by supposed former commun.

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Leading dissidents might form one or more alternative political parties. Western and Unitized Nations observers would be invited to the Soviet Union to witness the reforms in action. Western acceptance of the new “liberalisation” as genuine would create favourable conditions for the fulfilment of Communist strategy for the United States, Western Europe, and even, perhaps, Japan The “liberalisation” would be spectacular and impressive.

This overlooks the fact that all such characters – each of whom emerged from the security services, Komsomol and other controlled structures – are bound together as collaborators in the pursuit of the common strategy. Daniel marked it as to-read Jul 30, Gorbachev’s assumption of the post of President was also required for the execution of the strategy.

The Perestroika Deception : Memoranda to the Central Intelligence Agency by Anatoliy Golitsyn

Neuvostotiedustelu Suomessa — strategia ja toiminta, Jukka Seppinen. Keep him under strain and wear him down.

decwption Strategists like Arbatov are convinced that removing fear from American minds by projecting the Soviet Union as a peace fill, non-aggressive state can neutralise the influence of anti-Communism and con vert the United States into a non-ideological society volitsyn to the USSR. Indeed, one can; and for the elimination of all doubt, further confirmation of ‘post’ -Communist adher- ence to the strategy of deceptive ‘convergence’ with the West has been helpfully pro- vided by Viktor Chernomyrdin.

He graduated from the Moscow School of Military Counter-espionage, the counterintelligence faculty of the High Intelligence School, and the University of Marxism-Leninism and completed a correspondence course with perestrokka High Diplo- matic School. Shevardnadze was chosen because of his experience as Minister of Internal Affairs in Georgia during the s.

I am especially grateful to Christopher Story who made the final editing of the manuscript. Harry MacTough marked it as to-read Mar 19, With a liberalization’ ruse there would be no problems with the continued existence of such Soviet oglitsyn artifacts and electing into power Communist Party members, but with a ‘liberalization resulting in a collapse’ ruse those Soviet artifacts and elections are tell tale signs proving that the collapse of the USSR is a strategic ruse.


The seven keys to understanding ‘perestroika’: The notion that an individual leader like Gorbachev is in sole charge of Soviet strategy is erroneous. JBurtCaylor – favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – May 29, Subject: The feature of strategy which distinguishes it from policy is that it contains within itself a secret, concealed or deceptive manoeuvre, designed to take the adversary by surprise and thus secure victory for the strategy’.

Soviet psychiatry and the incarceration of active anti-Communists in psychi- atric hospitals have been used to ‘educate’ and intimidate the population into further submission to the regime by ‘demonstrating’ that only the mentally abnormal protest against it. The Authorised History of MI5. The liberalisation will not be sponta- neous nor will it be genuine.

Although unaware of the long-range peresrroika, he hurt the Soviets with his rhetoric, which threatened their strategic objectives. One consequence of this is that deceptiom find it hard to understand that Communist and ‘former’ Communist systems are capable of evolving strategies which remain valid, with tactical adjustments, over many decades.

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Chebrikov was well qualified as a Chekist to carry out this reorganisation. Brady marked it as to-read Mar 22, And yet another of Lenin’s speeches is relevant here. Mikhail Shatrov, a Soviet writer and an insider in the Party establishment, made an indirect admission that the Peresrroika Committee had had difficulty in installing Andropov and Gorbachev because of opposition from Aatoliy nev’s entourage.

Not the least disturbing aspect of the present crisis in Western assessments and policy is that, if it is recognised at all, its causes are misunderstood. The changes in the Soviet leadership should be seen, not as indicating the consolidation by Gorbachev of his personal power, but as meeting the requirements of strategy. This raises an interesting question.

Then the West can finally liberate the globe of vanguard Communism. The disappearance of the Warsaw Pact would have little effect on the coordi- nation of the Communist Bloc, but the dissolution of NATO could well mean the departure of American forces from the European continent and a closer European alignment with a “liberalised” Soviet Bloc. He defected to the United States in December It was during that the Communist leaders envisaged the convergence of restructured and transformed capitalist systems leading ultimately to one system of World Government.

Anatoliy Golitsyn – Wikipedia

Put another way, it will be found that, as a reward for studying the dialectical nature and continuity of the ‘general line’, the open- minded sceptic becomes potentially capable of achieving a predictive record as impressive as the Author’s. Strategic designs against the United States’ military posture ‘Liberalisation’ as part of the strategy of the international Communist movement The Western response to ‘liberalisation’ and the political offensive in Pereetroika Europe: These were instructed to study Western attitudes and to inform the leadership of likely Western reactions to given tactical manoeuvres or scenarios.


This, to me, indicates that his model for interpreting data is reliable and bears consideration. The need for massive defence expenditure would increasingly be questioned in the West. But in one sense, this overdue accolade misses the whole point of the Author’s work.

Mr Robert Kennedy, the Attorney General, told me that in due time a meeting with deceeption President would be arranged. Comments and reviews What are comments? Golitsyn and that’s why he’s still under direct death threat from Moscow and he has to hide in the U.

But his promotion to the Presidency is very important. Great insight in learning what thinking goes on behind that “Iron Curtain”.

The Perestroika Deception : Memoranda to the Central Intelligence Agency

All meetings with important agents were to be suspended. The following strategic objectives of ‘perestroika’ may be distinguished: Perestroika Deception After personally witnessing and documenting the plan Golitsyn struggled glitsyn convey since I am a true believer in both his books. Careful preparation has created the conditions for overall ‘perestroika’ and the transition of the regime in the most powerful and experienced of the socialist coun- tries to perestroiak phase of ‘Communist democracy’.

It has been sad to observe the jubilation of American and West European con- servatives who have been cheering ‘perestroika’ without realising that it is intended to bring about their own political and physical demise.

Memoranda to the Central Intelligence Agency. Sakharov might be included in some capacity in the government or allowed to teach abroad.

Showing of 8 reviews. Later in the interview, after she had become aware of my acquaintance with Anatoliy Golitsyn’s work ‘New Lies for Old’, and after hinting that she did not share Golitsyn’s analysis, the former Prime Minister pro- nounced: