About the Book: It is one of the most important works of Shankaracharya on Advaita philosophy. The central theme of the book is the identity of the individual self. APAROKSHANUBHUTI by SRI ADI SHANKARACHARYA – 1. I bow down to Him โ€“ to Sri Hari (the destroyer of ignorance), the Supreme Bliss. Aparokshanubhuti. Self-Realization by Shankaracharya. Reference Texts. Swami Vimuktananda – Aparokshanubhuti ยท Devanagari Script. Video/Audio Talks and.

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The verses of Vedantic texts are statements to be verified by inquiry. How can a projection be born, do action and reap the fruits of action?

Just as when clouds move, the moon appears to be in motion, so does one, etc. One no longer sees the Self as paarokshanubhuti individual when the individual is realized to be nothing but the Self just as one no longer sees a ring as separate from the gold from which it is fashioned. You won’t believe what some items have looked like when they’ve arrived! Subscribe for Newsletters and Discounts.

Both, however, are non-existent in deep sleep which, again, is not experienced in either. The Shruti in the form of the Brihadaranyaka has declared that this Atman, which is the Self of all, is verily Brahman. Auspicious for These Moon Signs.

It is a useful path for aparokhsanubhuti people and can prepare the mind for Self inquiry, even though that is not its stated aim. Just as to a person suffering from a defect jaundice white things appear as yellow, so does one, etc.


Having reduced the visible to the invisible, the wise should think of the universe as one with Brahman.

Aparokshanubhuti or Self-Realization of Sri Sankaracharya (Shankaracharya)

When this happens ignorance collapses for want of support. Vedanta has clearly stated that the Self alone is shankqracharya substrate in which all names, forms and actions appear. I am without attribute and perform no activities.

Thus all the three states are unreal inasmuch as they are the creation of the three Gunas; but their witness the reality behind them is, beyond all Gunas, eternal, one, and is Consciousness itself.

The wise should always be one with that silence wherefrom words together with the mind turn back without reaching it, but which is attainable by the Yogins. So how can this be the Purusha? The Subtle Body too consists of parts and is unstable. The downside aparokshqnubhuti that they do not address the limitation of aparokshnaubhuti and the problem of doership. They are respected everywhere. This is the real course of Pranayama for the enlightened, whereas the ignorant only torture the nose.

It is, therefore, for the understanding of the ignorant alone that the Shruti speaks of Prarabdha.

Just as a person may not realize that a pot is actually only clay, most people think they are doers even though no actions are possible without the Self. If you are starving for happiness it does very little good to cling to the belief that you are just a name representing a long series of transitory experiences. Times Point Know more. Sign In to earn Badges.


Aparokshanubhuti โ€“ Self-Realization โ€“ Shankaracharya

Death is a metaphor for change. Atman, though ever pure to a wise manalways appears to be impure to an ignorant onejust as a rope always appears in two different ways to a knowing person and an ignorant one.

Stories you may apaokshanubhuti to read.

In fact, it is absurd to think that the Self aparoskhanubhuti forgets who or what it is. Those in whom these means are highly developed should constantly desire Self knowledge for their own good.

Just as the appearance of a ghost in an empty place, of a castle in the air, and of a second moon in the sky is illusoryso is the appearance of the universe in Brahman. For no good reason the ignorant divide the Self into a self and and a not-Self. Dharana, concentration, is a steady mind brought about by the realization of the Self in every thought.

Never Not Present

Thus has been described Raja-Yoga consisting of these steps mentioned above. So one seeking Self knowledge should meditate long and hard on the Self. Just as clay is called a pot or thread a cloth, the Self appears as the universe.

So one should constantly think of Brahman to attain perfection. Knowledge is not brought about by any other means than Vichara, just as an object is nowhere perceived seen without the help of light.