Recommended Practice for. Performance Testing of. Cementing Float Equipment . API Recommended Practice 10F. Third Edition, April ANSI/API 10F/ISO. API RP 10F. April 1, Recommended Practice for Performance Testing of Cementing Float Equipment. This International Standard describes testing. Find the most up-to-date version of API RP 10F at Engineering

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Solid Body Rigid Centralizers Centralization through positive or rigid centralization. Typically application for PDC drill out. Double PVTS valve assembly for redundancy to assure cement is retained in the annulus. Type S Set Shoe Shoe with special 10 lug nose. Prevents unwanted water intrusion. Additional applications for liners and deeper stage collar setting depths.

API RP 10F floatation collar

Reduces the risk of stuck casing by eliminating down-time to fill casing. Run in close tolerance applications mainly on liners.

Predominate application is for liners. Type Integral Casing Packers. Cut out of seamless pipe with a laser. Solid Body Rigid Centralizers. Can be anchored to casing with epoxy Can be anchored to casing with Spray-metal stop devices.


Manufacturing done in Ruma Transport, sand blasting, coating, compounding, rolling and vulcanising. Concrete internals with single PVTS spring assisted back-pressure valve.

API RP 10F Performance Testing Cementing Float Equipment

Can be supplied as a Guide Shoe no valvesor with one or multiple back-pressure valves. Reduced displacement volumes of drill pipe versus casing.

Erosion-resistant coating for heavy drilling fluids. Anti-rotation Float Equipment and Cementing Plugs. Does not require landing first stage cementing plug. 1f0 lock against upward movement to prevent them from being unseated while being drilled out.

Multiple bow heights available to meet all hole size requirements. Casing Fill and Circulate Tools. Casing above the DFC is filled with drilling fluid as casing run continues to desired depth.

Swellfix Manufacturer of Swellable Elastomers rubber that swells in the presence of water or oil. Available for all casing sizes. Swellable rubber bonded to the external OD of the casing. Keeps hydrostatic head of second stage cement off of first stage cement. Type Float Shoes Rounded design of concrete nose assists in guiding string to bottom. Typically used on intermediate and production casings, at times on surface casings.

  KCO 110S PDF

Single entry port for installing shear pins. Also allows for immediate well control by circulating heavier fluids as needed. Eccentric Nose Float Shoe An aid to run casing in adverse conditions with off-center nose piece. Drop ball-seat size is adjustable from 1.

API RP 10F Performance Testing Cementing Float Equipment – Brochures

Ribbed Down-Jet Float Shoe. Slip-on close tolerance Centralizers. Overlapping steel petals allow for cement flow-by from below, but help prevent cement from falling from above.

Specialty extended reach casing equipment. Casing hardware inclusive of: Center hole in nose is designed to prevent drop balls from potentially sealing ep thereby reducing flow area. Same drill out features as stage collar. Same PVTS valve internal s.

Resistance to wear and abrasion. Drillable with mill-tooth rock bit, some success with PDC bits. Cement Baskets Simple, economical annular pack-off. Available for water or oil activation.

Available for two or three stage cementing applications.