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The method of reducing information, if possible, into charts or synoptic tables ought to be extended to the study of practically all aspects of native life. The kayga’u magic; its modes of operation. Argonauts of the Western Pacific.

Others, the more dignified and elderly, remain seated where they are. III — The second stage: The regularities in native institutions are an automatic result of the interaction of the mental forces of tradition, and of the material conditions of environment. List of gifts, payments and commercial transactions: However, you should understand that I have never taken even one undergraduate course in Anthropology and had read only one other anthropological or ethnographic monograph prior to read Argonauts of the Western Pacific is an anthrological monograph on Kula exchange, a form of ritual gift giving that was practiced in the Trobriand Islands off Eastern New Guinea at the time pacfic Bronislaw Malinowski conducted his field work pacifif the location between and Unsuccessful attempt to sail to Kitava with To’uluwa, the chief of Omarakana.

The fallacy of differentiating a science or an art according to its application and the moral intention of the agent is obvious enough with regard to pharmacy and artillery; it is equally real, though to many people apparently it is less obvious, with regard to magic.

If the visitor is lucky enough to pass at the time of feasts, trading expeditions, or any other big tribal gathering, many a fine sea-going canoe may be seen approaching the village with the sound of conch shells blowing melodiously.


Argonauts Of The Western Pacific

As mentioned before, the boundary of the district inhabited by this tribe corresponds to definite geographical conditions, that is, to the absence of natural, inland fastnesses, or of any wesgern to landing. With regard to these Eastern Papuasians, Dr. Quotes from Argonauts of the The geographical area of which the book treats is limited to the Archipelagoes lying off the eastern end of New Guinea.

Hancock, pearl trader, to whom I am grateful not only for assistance and services, but for many acts of friendship. So, shelved until fall! Orangerie Bay is closed, on its Eastern side, by a headland, the first of a series of hills, rising directly out of the sea.

A real case indeed will start the natives on a wave of discussion, evoke expressions of indignation, show them taking sides all of which talk will probably contain a wealth of definite views, of moral brohislaw, as well as reveal the social mechanism set in motion by the crime committed.

Magical texts obtained in Sinaketa. I went out to Australia with the British Association for the Advancement of Science inas a guest, and at the expense, of the Commonwealth Government of Australia.

What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? And that is the reason why argonxuts works of amateur residents of long standing, such as educated traders and planters, medical men and officials, and last, not least, of the few intelligent and unbiassed missionaries to whom Ethnography owes so much, this is the reason why these works surpass in plasticity and in vividness most of the purely scientific accounts.

From my own experience, I can say that, very often, a problem seemed settled, everything fixed and clear, till I began to write down a short preliminary sketch of my results. XIII — Substances used in these magical rites. Without trying to cut or untie this knot, that is to solve the problem theoretically, or to enter further into the field of general methodology, I shall make directly for the question of practical means to overcome some of the difficulties involved. This corpus inscriptionum Kiriwiniensium can be utilised, not only by myself, but by all those who, through their better penetration and ability of interpreting them, may find points which escape my attention, very much as the other corpora form the basis for the various interpretations of ancient and prehistoric cultures; only, these ethnographic inscriptions are all decipherable and clear, have been almost all translated fully and unambiguously, and have been provided with native cross-commentaries or scholia [16] obtained from living sources.


Bronisław Malinowski, Argonauts of the Western Pacific :: Wolne Lektury

In this, and in this case only, we shall be justified in feeling that it has been worth our while to understand these natives, their institutions and customs, and that we have gathered some profit from the Kula.

Magic a power of man and not a force of nature.

The country and inhabitants of the Kula district. It would be absurd, for example, to stigmatise pharmacy as antisocial, because a knowledge of the properties of drugs is often employed to destroy men as well as to heal them. It is characteristic of Dr. Today, Argonauts of the Western Pacific is the archetypal account of anthropologists’ “following the people” method of collecting information for a multi-sited ethnography.

First impression of the native. Although the main theme is economic, constant reference is made in this milestone of anthropological research and interpretation to social organization, life and meaning, the power of magic, and to mythology and folklore.