I have written these reviews in the order of which I read them, which coincidentally was the order in which Leon Uris wrote them. As stated in. Armageddon by Leon Uris not only great fiction, but also a wonderful historical fiction book, interweaving fictional characters with historical. Armageddon by Leon Uris – book cover, description, publication history.

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It focuses uriz the relationship between the victorious conquerors Americans, French, British and Russians and their former Nazi enemies and becomes a lfon battle between the Allies and Communist U. But he contracted malaria, and was transferred home to serve out the remainder of the war. The book is big enough. That caused some issues for me.

Most of Russia and the other captive states that comprised the Soviet Union simply did not think or act like the West. Battle Cry Gunfight at the O.

It is illustrative that the Allies were not overly concerned about German lives after all, the war had just finished and the German crimes still fresh in the victors mindas it was a ‘flick the birdie’ to the Soviets and their bullying. Uris uses a cast of characters to explain some of the human dilemmas that occupation after the war created leoon both American, German and Russian military and civilian populations. He is able to wrap a plot around historical events that not only entertain you but provide you with an excellent foundation for understanding the time of the story.

How did he manage a slew of armagdddon, animosities between countries and races, doomed relationships between races because of guilt by association, logistical issues wheretofore never known to man, and still leave his readers captivated? I cannot stress enough the importance of this book.


There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I couldn’t read on So come back againsome time!! This is my third Leon Uris book, after Mila 18 and Trinity, and despite being relatively short! They were targeted by the Natzis during the war and the Russians after the war and I learned how much the Americans and Russians mistrusted and disliked one another while still working as allies in the war effort.


They are more about the coming of age of their characters as they move through important points in our history than a commentary on events, but if you like Leon Uris you will enjoy Herman Wouk. It is in a sense a story without a definite end, and as Sean fades out, so too will the novel which is strong on background and moments of contact but has little cumulative power.

An Intellectual Mediocrity: Armageddon – Leon Uris

This is the novel of the race to control Berlin during the Four Power Occupation, the democratic West vs. Either way, it was a valuable reading experience. So just know that going in. We will chop it up, fly the pieces, and reassemble it.

Better novels by this author include Mila 18, Exodus, Q. Return to Book Page. Leon Uris is damn hard to beat and I have not really found another writer of historical fiction like him. The contrast was stunning: I found this to qrmageddon a chilling observation given the book was written in He also shows how difficult it can be for a defeated nation to recover in a positive way.

Armageddon: A Novel of Berlin by Leon Uris

The great drama of the Berlin airlift. The dialogue isn’t what I would call sparkling armaeddon I’ve read worse. I realize all of this history is pertinent to the story but I do think it was presented in endless minute detail, far more than need be. Now, having said all those things, boy did I learn a lot about Berlin during armagefdon time period. Sent to oversee the rebuilding of Berlin, O’Sullivan is exposed to the horrific truths of the Holocaust, a shattered and defeated society, and the new threat of Soviet power as the Iron Curtain begins to shadow the city.


Ratings and Reviews 2 26 star len 2 reviews. The description of the Berlin Airlift is quite vivid as is the inter-action between people of the five nations involved as the three major Western Allies rub along with the Soviet occupiers of East Berlin and East Germany.

It makes me proud of the men and women who risked so much, and the determination of America during that time. Thanks for stopping agmageddon and commenting. Through the massive success of his novels and his skill as a armagedfon, Uris has had enormous influence on popular understanding of twentieth-century history. Sep 30, Becca rated it really liked it. It definitely reflects mid-century values. After lying in the house for fifteen plus years, a cover-less copy with all-brown pages and stinking, I finally picked this up to read after getting newly interested in the Cold War.

Yuck … Show more Show less. I suppose certain attitudes depicted in the novel felt a little outdate This lleon only my second novel by Leon Urishaving read and loved Mila 18 a few years ago. For example, true historical initiatives and events such as the Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, and Berlin Airlift are described, but the novel’s characters who are instrumental in acting upon those affairs within the German theater are fictional.

He then went to Warner Brothers in Hollywood helping to write the movie, which was extremely popular with the public, if not the critics. The novel starts in London during World War IIand goes through to the Four Power occupation of Berlin and the Soviet blockade armageddoj land of the city’s western boroughs.