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AS — Australian Standard®. Pipelines—Gas and liquid petroleum. Part 1: Design and construction. Accessed by Fyfe Pty Ltd on 18 Oct You will be required to comply with this standard if you intend to operate a distribution system. A distribution system is a system of pipelines, mains, and gas . Could anyone of you please post the AS standard that’s meant for ” Pipelines – Gas and liquid petroleum – Design and construction”??? in which i need to.

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Australian Standard AS Pipelines – Gas and Liquid Petroleum – Design and Construction

General requirements Part 1: Physical and procedural controls shall be applied to all credible external interference threats. The above equations apply to through wall defects only. The break should preferably be at or adjacent to the first valve off the pipeline on the side of the valve remote from the pipeline.

Size px x x x x Land used for other purposes but with similar population density shall be assigned rural residential location class. The location of valves shall be determined for 28855.1 pipeline. Fracture control plan requirements shall not specify Charpy energy requirements lower than specified in this Clause, but may override the test temperature and specimen orientation.

The physical controls applied shall be demonstrated to protect the pipeline from the specified threat.

The affected length is generally less than the length of the primary location class. Where an existing pipeline is hydrostatically pressure tested to re-establish its MAOP then the minimum and maximum strength test pressure shall be determined within the constraints of the pipeline system, having regard to the remaining corrosion allowance, the flanges or fittings and any other constraint.


Other suitable location may be a flange, a weld or a point defined by dimensions. For the selected solution, the assessment shall demonstrate that the cost of the risk reduction measures provided by alternative solutions is grossly disproportionate to the benefit gained from the reduced risk that could result from implementing any of the alternatives.

Accessed by Fyfe Pty Ltd on 18 Oct Document currency not guaranteed when printed This isolation and depressurization equipment shall be defined in an isolation plan. The design shall consider each operating condition that has the potential to cause temperatures lower than the minimum design temperature of the pipeline, or its components. Only ws clarifications have been addressed. For composite material, appropriate requirements shall be established to replace the hydrostatic strength test endpoint provisions of AS Documents nominated in this Standard as requiring approval shall be approved by the Licensee and not delegated.

The energy release 28851 shall be calculated for quasi-steady state conditions that exist 30 seconds after the pipeline puncture.

External interference protection shall be designed in accordance with Clause 5. Where a trigger point relates to a part of the pipeline for example a change at a specific location or a specific safety aspectthe safety management study may be restricted to only that part which is changed.

No part of this work may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, without the written permission of the publisher, unless otherwise permitted under the Copyright Act The effect of material processing on strength, ductility and fracture properties 285.1 be 28851 by representative tests on samples ae to simulated or actual heat treatment cycles and taken into consideration in the design, including the fracture control plan.


These fundamental principles and the practical rules and AS Under some circumstances the predictions of arrest toughness are known to be non-conservative—in this case the calculated arrest toughness shall be multiplied by a factor of safety determined by experience or by full scale burst test.

Control during activities of this type should be achieved by maintaining the pressure so that the hoop ss does not exceed the threshold stress at any time that the temperature is lower than the fracture initiation transition temperature see Clause 4. Where such a facility is provided, the individual mainline valves shall be equipped with a closing mechanism that can be reliably activated from a control centre.

The Licensee is generally the organization named in the pipeline licence issued by the Regulatory Authority.

As 2885.1-2012 Design and Construction

The threat identification shall generate sufficient information about each threat to allow external interference protection and engineering design to take place.

For an existing pipeline, SF can be estimated from the as-built data. This revision AS For a pipeline transporting hydrocarbon liquid or heavier than air gases, the measurement distance may be variable. A value of 1. This applies to any pipelines used to carry: These benefits are supported by robust requirements for safety, structural design, construction, testing and record keeping. Operation and maintenance Part 4: Rural applies where the population is distributed in isolated dwellings.