Visit our website and learn more about AS/NZS standards. SNZ AS/NZS Radio equipment and systems-Short range devices-Limits and methods of measurement. AUDIX Technology Corporation Report No. EM-RF AS/NZS OUTPUT POWER & SPURIOUS EMISSIONS TEST REPORT. For. Intel Corporation.

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All radiocommunications transmitters must be operated in Australia under the authority of, and in accordance with, the requirements of a radiocommunications licence issued by the ACMA. This frequency allocation is not mirrored in Australia, with the frequencies — MHz being used for mobile phone services.

Laird – We Make Technology Work

Materials science experts enable improved protection, higher performance and reliability, custom structural designs and faster time-to-market.

Laird Performance Materials creates electronic device nzzs solutions including EMI suppression and thermal management materials, structural and precision metals and multi-functional products. Suppliers must take particular note of section 7.

Laird Controls is a global leader in high performance, wireless control and connectivity solutions for mission critical and safety applications.


When you need unmatched wireless performance to connect electronics with security and confidence, Laird Connectivity delivers — no matter what.

Some RFID devices are designed for markets other than Australia and operate on frequencies that are already licensed to mobile phone carriers in Australia. RFID devices operating in this band may be subject to one or more of the following:. This 42668 has a wide variety of applications, from accessing buildings to managing cattle on a farm.

If you have any questions about the regulatory arrangements, 4628 contact the ACMA’s Customer Service Centre on or info acma.

Our reliable, remote control solutions increase safety, maximize processes and productivity while accelerating return on investment for operators. Please enable JavaScript to browse this site. Laird Thermal Systems develops thermal management solutions including thermoelectric modules, assemblies and liquid cooling systems for demanding applications across global medical, sa, transportation and telecommunications markets.

AS/NZS – Standards Australia

This section contains a number of restrictions that are designed to limit the risk of the end user being able to cause a device to operate on an incorrect frequency and cause interference.


Thermal Systems is the optimum choice for standard and custom thermal solutions.

The EME regulatory arrangements for mobile and portable products set exposure limits for emissions from radiocommunications transmitters with integral antennas before the products can be supplied to the Australian market. Product supply and compliance.

Standards Catalogue

Laird Connectivity simplifies the enablement of wireless bzs with market-leading wireless modules and antennas, integrated sensor and gateway platforms, and customer-specific wireless solutions. The obligations are detailed in the:. The relevant conditions, such as permitted power limits, must be met for the operation to be authorised under the LIPD Class Licence. RFID radio frequency identification is a data collection technology that uses electronic tags to uniquely identify an object, animal, or person.