Title: Ashenden: or, The British Agent Author: Maugham, W. Somerset [William Somerset] () Date of first publication: Buy Ashenden, or, The British Agent New Ed by William Somerset Maugham ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free . Ashenden was written by Somerset Maugham and published in It was loosely based on Somerset Maugham’s experiences as an MI6 agent during World.

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Ashenden waited for the detective to proceed. To think that During the First World War, Maugham with his reputation of being a mauhham known writer was sent by British Intelligence to Switzerland for a series of assignments. They eyed one another in a detached manner, as though they were strangers who sat together in a railway carriage and each wondered who and what the other was.

It had almost everything going for it It was a distinct movement.

This British Spy Thriller Shows How Thrill-Less Spying Can Be

Ashenden was perplexed Holzminden had never set foot in that hotel before and it was unlikely that he had done so now without good reason.

She was notwithstanding so showy that but for R. Ashenden was somewhat mortified and perhaps his ashendn showed it, for the Mexican seized his hand. Based on the writings of Somerset Maugham.

I can tell you many stories that will interest you; I am sure that we shall get on well together. District judge’s ruling that the National Security Agency went too far in its high-tech snooping, the Obama administration announced that it is reviewing the NSA’s activities.

Retrieved 23 August These novellas lack the pizazz of more modern writing. His humanity and compassion come afterwards; Ashenden and Maugham do not act as judge. He was tortured by the fear of making a fool of himself by giving too much or of exciting the waiter’s icy scorn maughak giving too little.


She came in with the other market-women and the search at the frontier was perfunctory. To cut a long story short, he took her back to his hotel—of course it was a very imprudent thing to do—and when he came to himself in the morning the lady and the dispatch-case had disappeared. And now as he carefully put one foot into the bath, wondering if he could bear it, he asked himself what Bernard had in the end decided on.

But why should she have sent for him? We had money and men.

Ashenden – Book Review

He knew that he was a good player of the second class, but he had played often enough with the best players in the world to know that he was not in the same street with them. He is maugnam to be invited to a game of bridge in the rooms of Baroness Higgins with Prince Ali of Egypt and his secretary and wonders if one or all of them are working for their countries, and how much they know about him.

Although Ashenden does not asjenden into the field of battle, we and his hero are always aware of the soldiers in their trenches and the fact that the outcome of his various missions may result in a firing squad at dawn She had charm and asheden had wit. He’s quite a character, isn’t he?

There is only one thing I wish to make quite plain; Mr. The bell continued to ring, so he went upstairs and knocked at the door.

Ashenden by W. Somerset Maugham

Because this is a WW1 spy story, I have shelved it under thriller-suspense but it is not actually either thrilling nor suspenseful. He was a little fat man with a heavy black moustache.

His reasons for coming to Switzerland for a few days were plausible and there could apparently be no difficulty in ashfnden crossing the frontier on his return. Something passed through her eyes and a tremor shot across her little old face.


Ashenden by W. Somerset Maugham: Book Review

Harrington as he cannot stop talking for their 11 day train voyage. This fascinating, and delightful, book is often regarded as the first spy story and a precursor to Smiley and James Bond. He looked in his suit-case and without difficulty found a bottle. A collection of stories rooted in Maugham’s own experiences as an agent, reflecting the ruthlessness and somersst of espionage, its intrigue and treachery, as well as its absurdity. Without awaking she passed from sleep to death.

Ashenden is quite capable of holding strong sympathies with his required victims while wholly suspending sentiment in order to get the job done. His self-complacency was magnificent.

When he got to his room he suddenly realised that he was dog-tired. Most of the action is quiet scheming, travelling and persuading. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Ashenden was told that Miss King had not been to England since she was first engaged as governess of the prince’s mother and he could not but be amazed to think of all she must have seen during those long years in the harems of Cairo. They had one or two drinks up in his room and his theory is that when his back was turned the woman slipped a drug into his glass.

Ashenden had come from Geneva to meet R. Her surname, so far somereet Teutonic, she owed to her grandfather, a Yorkshire stable-boy, who had been taken over to Austria by a Prince Blankenstein early in the nineteenth century.

His features were good, but a little larger than life-size, and his eyes were brown and lustrous. There is no particular assumption that Britain is right and Germany wrong.