Page 1. Assata (Shakur),. An. Autobiography. Digitalized by. RevSocialist for. SocialistStories. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Assata: An Autobiography is a autobiographical book by Assata Shakur. In the recording, Assata publicly described herself as a black revolutionary and. Assata Olugbala Shakur is a former member of the Black Liberation Army, who was convicted In , she published Assata: An Autobiography, which was written in Cuba. Her autobiography has been cited in relation to critical legal.

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Shakur later wrote teachers seemed surprised when she answered a question in class, as if not expecting black people to be intelligent and engaged, and what she was taught a sugar-coated autobiograpjy of history that ignored the oppression suffered by people of color, especially in the United States. Instead she reveals the contradictions inherent in many revolutionary movements and makes it clear that she was often confused or lost in her political journey. The issue with deriving the majority of knowledge I deem of worth from Tumblr is the all too often reactionary invalidation coupled with my intake.

Her being a shakurr woman also worked in more implicit ways shakr deconstructing the cult of masculinity often coupled to civil rights movements. It’s engaging, and generally well written, although there are a few parts where the narrative stumbles due autobigoraphy gaps–but the author is a wanted woman and she has plenty of secrets to keep.

It’s the only way that makes sense to me, as what I love about Shakur is her constant promotion of love, of communication, of a fundamental “emotional” grounding of sociopolitical thought that is the antithesis of the ever abusive and ever splintering patriarchy.

Assata Shakur – Wikipedia

For us, it wasn’t a matter of whether or not. Empowering Albina and Remaking a City. She could not get expert witnesses to contest the forensic evidence being used against her because most of these experts got most of their work from the police and knew they would be ostracised for testifying for her.


Yes, it’s her side of the story.

Assata Shakur

Albans, Queens on January 28, For the first part of th This was a brilliant autobiography about an amazing and resilient woman. Aszata guess I hummed the Blues too early, and spent too many midnights out wailing to the rain. Voices of Resistance, Reform, and Renewal: The New York Times.

InNew Jersey’s Kean University dropped hip-hop artist Common as a commencement speaker because of police complaints. Eventually she autobiobraphy from prison and escaped to Cuba where she has been living in hiding, ever since.

Views Read Edit View history. The story of how the hell this outrage came about and above all persists is necessary because it outlines so lucidly how the white supremacist capitalist state actively opposes the struggles for liberation and justice and assata peaceful survival of African American people at all costs, whatever politicians say.

I experienced so many emotions when reading this book. They “attempted to tie Assata to every suspected action of the BLA involving a woman”. Shakur’s attorneys autobioyraphy a new trial on the grounds that one jury member, John McGovern, had violated the jury’s sequestration order. What this woman handled in her time put me in a similar frame of mind as to when Autogiography read A Lightless Sky ; one of sheer gratitude.

While she spent some time trying to be a grown-up on the streets of NYC when she was just an adolescent, she ultimately went to college and d Content Warning: Why did the police stop her?

One wonders about her life since this book was published, and why she still remains a political target. On it’s face this would seem to be the story of a life of a young black femal This was one of the first Goodreads recommendation I ever received by goodreads recommendation I mean the computer generated algorithm based on the books autobbiography I entered onto my profile.

What you need is a revolution. David Spain, a pathologist from Brookdale Community Collegetestified that her autobiograpyh scars as well as X-rays adsata her claim that her arms were raised, and that there was “no conceivable way” the first bullet could have hit Shakur’s clavicle if her arm was down.


The whole book was very readable and informative.

Between andShakur was accused of several crimes, none of which had sufficient evidence to back them. Amazing woman and a good book! Just today the New York Times ran a piece about kids being sent to juvie for minor infractions.

On May 2,Black Panther Assata Shakur aka JoAnne Chesimard lay in a hospital, close to death, handcuffed to her bed, while local, state, and federal police attempted to question her about the shootout on the New Jersey Turnpike that had claimed the life of a white state trooper.

Retrieved June 12, At some point, Assata joins the Black Liberation Movement. Anybody heard of the new tax law?

Culture — Assata Shakur I assaya confess that waltzes do not move me. She was acquitted on three of the charges and three were dismissed. Along with all the names and college movements I’ll have to look into in the future, this was the first time I had ever heard of the Occupation of Alcatraz. For Assata, singled out to be made a cautionary example, the personal is exhaustingly, tortuously political.

Assata: An Autobiography

Shakur stated that she feared their child, should she get pregnant, would not be well taken care of and she also feared that her child would endure great hardship in this world, therefore, she wanted to avoid a sexual relationship with him.

They call you mad. Readers see Shakur chasing something, a home perhaps, throughout the memoir and by page the end of the bookI’m not certain she has even found it. What was also apparent was that Shakur was very intelligent and insightful civil rights activist, feminist, a bit of a philosopher and a poet. Shakur was fervent advocate for civil rights for all people. She is currently the only women to be on the FBIs most wanted list.