ASSEMBLAGES, ENVIRONMENTS. AND HAPPENINGS no one can. (A) The line between art and life should be kept as fluid, and perhaps indistinct, as. Assemblage, Environments & Happenings has 13 ratings and 2 reviews. tENTATIVELY, said: If you love HAPPENINGS (I do) & have an interest in Assemblage. Assemblage, environments and happenings Allan KAPROW. Medium: artist’s book: photo-offset lithograph, pages, hessian covered baords, stitched.

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F It follows that audiences should be eliminated entirely. In this spirit some artists are earnestly proposing a lifetime Happening equivalent to Clarence Schmidt’s lifetime Environment. Saka hapenings – Theory, Culture and Society 23 Most of the time he seems to like it.

Find it on Scholar. There need be no rhythmic coordination between the several parts of a Happening unless it is suggested by the event itself: These are not theatre-goers and their attention is only temporarily caught in the course of their normal affairs. This article has no enfironments abstract.

Assemblage, Environments & Happenings

And, occasionally, sections of a work were left open for accidentals or improvisations. Jennifer Way – – Journal for Cultural Research 7 1: Expressionist, and Cubist styles and still be recognized as an apple, but an electron microscope cannot. Happenings and Other Acts. This sort of freedom to wssemblage all kinds of subject matter will probably be possible in the Happenings of the future, but I think not assemblge now.

It would take a number of years to work them out by trial and error, for there is sometimes, though not always, a great gap between theory and production.


The objective, as Kaprow stated in his list of rules excerpted below was to “allow for breaking the barrier between art and life.

Trivia About Assemblage, Envir Environmfnts generally mean by “formal” art the fugues of Bach, the sonnets of Shakespeare, Cubist paintings an art that is primarily manipulative.

Science Logic and Mathematics.

There is an exception, however, to restricting the Happening to participants only. Certainly they are aware of the.

At least for the assemblafe being, this restriction hardly needs emphasis, since it is in most cases the only course possible. Want to Read saving….

Aside from the fact that repetition is boring to a generation brought up on ideas of spontaneity and originality, to repeat a Happening at this time is to accede to a far more serious matter: The best participants have been persons not normally engaged in art or performance, but who are moved to take part in an activity that is at once meaningful to them in its ideas yet natural in its methods.

His sparse scores read like this:. Aug 02, Amalie marked it as to-read. Actors are stage-trained and bring over habits from their art that are hard to shake off; the same is true of any other kind of showman or trained athlete.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I, personally, would not care if it were called a sport. It is presently advantageous to experiment by gradually widening the distances between the events within a Happening. Parts have been so roughly scored that there was bound to be some margin of imprecision from performance to performance. Philip marked it as to-read Apr 02, Recent site activity Home edited by Thomas Crombez.


Marianna Vardanyan added it Nov 18, By juxtaposing any half dozen of these items, an idea for a Happening could emerge. Ching-In marked it as to-read Sep 07, The reciprocity between the man-made and the ready-made will be at its maximum potential this way. Kleenex may be a commonplace, but collected in quantity in a Happening they would immediately push into relief all that we have only half-consciously thought about Kleenex and its intimate uses.

Another Happening would take place up and down the elevators of five tall buildings in midtown Chicago. And these limits were contrary to the principal direction the art was taking. Feeling this, why shouldn’t an artist program a Happening ad the course of several days, months, or years, uappenings it in and out of the performers’ daily lives.

Allan Kaprow, Assemblage, Environments and Happenings – PhilPapers

History of Western Philosophy. Mason jar gaskets, hangman’s assemb,age – one could go on almost indefinitely. It is not even different from a play. This is simply accomplished by writing out the scenario or score for all and discussing it thoroughly with them beforehand.

Aaron Jacobs marked it as to-read Oct 16, As soon as they are found to be useless they will be broken, and other limits will take their place.