The Audiolab Q is an audiophile standard Pre-Amplifier with quality of components and build quality never before seen ona unit of this price. In stark contrast, the Audiolab Q pre amplifier and Audiolab P power amplifier were designed by Audiolab utilising years of. Bought a audiolab combo q+p at € + to replace my burnt out Musical Fidelity A2 after a lot of auditioning and comparing (see similar products) in.

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Audiolab 8000Q Preamplifier Repair

Want to know more? Two pre-outs invite biamping. These electronics won’t turn a factual speaker into a playboy, rather get a full-figured one to start reasoning. Overall gain adjustment in six 3dB steps. Learn more about Pargo at: Phone Lines Auxiolab Mon – Fri: I am based in Wellington, NZ. Encased in a wooden enclosure. High-sensitivity speakers will benefit from reduced gain, low-output sources from higher gain.

Audiolab Preamplifiers user reviews : out of 5 – 10 reviews –

Alas, depth layering does improve further and image localization cues sharpen up, the latter in fact the most precise of all amplifiers I’ve tried on the Druids. Altogether a well-organized picture. The Dussun V8i belongs to a similar tonal school it’s tauter in the bass, not quite as clear in the treble but also very neutral overall yet this kind of accurate, deeply layered staging is beyond its ken.


The amplifier sounds clean and pure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Brand new Omega amplifier. Please Log in or Register to write a review. Perusing audiolab’s price sheet, I chuckled.

Audiolab 8000Q Preamp

Our kind switches out boxes every ten minutes – A, B, perhaps C even. Then the depth domain suffered and image localization 8000a.

Well, enough already of speculations.

More vocal charm perhaps? Sonic virtues include tonal neutrality, great transparency and excellent staging. Primare D20 CD Player. In stark contrast, the Audiolab Q pre amplifier and Audiolab P power amplifier were designed by Audiolab utilising years of experience in making award winning amplifiers. Granted, the Druid didn’t turn. What auriolab the far-left gain trim? Call aufiolab on Back to Store. Look forward to chatting on the phone!

To illustrate the effect, a simple sketch: Some claim that monos are intrinsically superior to stereo amps or integrateds due to ultimate channel separation, with separate power supplies further vitally relevant to dynamic peaks.

Note the neat, clean layout with almost zero wiring — very nice.

Marantz amplifier for sale. This is where the trouble was. In exchange, I will recommend you guys to my uncle and his family based in Perth, and also my colleagues based there.

That we reviewed previously. Spatial precision 8000q jumped two leagues and while things didn’t really expand laterally, the depth domain gained considerably. Zu Audio Druid mk4, Thiel C. We naturally went full hog to tri-amp but more on that anon. Gain is adjustable in 3dB steps from dB, to match a wide range of Hi-fi systems with different power amplifier and speaker sensitivities. Silver was the hip choice. Board-mounted pot and space for MC step-up transformers.


Rated at w per channel. This Audiolab Q preamplifier came to me with a fault which would see it sometimes take a long time 80000q turn on. All images contained in this review are the property of fairaudio. I replaced all the small capacitors in the power supply, given that they were all so awful. Zu Audio’s Druid is a speaker I’m very fond of: Once the audiolabs took pride of place and the first track cued up, two folks were left scratching their balding scalps.

All parameters were affected. With six inputs, the preamp is comprehensively fitted, albeit not symmetrically. In this case, I found one definite and one possible fault. Nasty too is on the books with track 1. Reliable and robust, the Audiolab Q has been a stalwart of the series.