Follow the instructions in the CCS Manual. Using the VSS signal on a standard (manual) transmission vehicles Murphs CCS and the original Audiovox. only, and is not intended to replace the CCS Installation Manual. Manual, for those persons that choose to install the CCS cruise. Auto and car manuals and free pdf automotive manual instructions. Find the user manual Audiovox CCS Automobile Accessories User Manual. Page 1.

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Find the problem and fix it before you ride your bike. Loosely wrap the wire to hold auriovox in place. Page 19 Audiovox Corp. The keypad supplied with the cruise is a normally closed switch. Unit will engage when Set button is released. Figure 1 Carefully cut-out along dotted lines and place on selected area. We strongly suggest you not use the headlight audivoox for safety reasons. Usually but not always you want to route the cruise servo cable to follow the motorcycles original throttle opening cable.

A simple option is to run a gear higher than you would normally run at low speed. Rearview mirror with 4. We suggest you buy one when you get your cruise control to audiocox at least temporally for initial testing.

You need to know the wire colors of the following: Routing the Main Wiring Harness 1. Check for a good connection at your Tachometer source. If you are following written instructions for your vehicle, set the dip switches as in the instructions. Do you feel suction?

Snap the second wire into the remaining slots making sure the ends are nearly opposite the first wire, as shown in Figure 4 or The cruise does manuall have to be on for the throttle to stick. Note that acceleration in the lower gears with the cruise on can be quite strong.

Build a mount for the cruise control keypad if needed. Normally the rear brake switch has the easiest access. The port marked AUX is connected to the vacuum port audlovox the cruise servo.


Don’t have an account? While rotating the shaft, carefully snap one wire into one set of magnet slots.

Seal off the end off the vacuum line to the engine with you finger. Way too much slack and the cruise may not respond at all and the chance of the bead chain hanging on something increases Grab onto the cruise control servo cable with a pair of pliers and pull on it.

If you do, then you have Vacuum and you can reinstall the vacuum line to the Vacuum canister. If the Red LED inside the servo shuts off, either the brake lights are stuck on and you need to readjust the brake switch or you need to use a SPDT relay in the brake circuit.

Follow the instructions in the CCS Manual. If you are installing the cruise in an automobile it also shows you several methods of attaching the audiobox control cable and how to use the accessory VSS Vehicle Speed Sensor connections. Cruise works but is too jerky at low speeds When using just the tachometer signal, you have to make ajdiovox trade off in the Sensitivity Settings.

Start the bike and leave it in neutral: If audiovod are using the VSS signal, you do not have to connect the blue tachometer wire. Page 3 The Cruise Module makes “decisions” based upon speed,tachometer, and mqnual signal information. See if your vehicle has an online forum.

Also note that audiovoz motorcycle brake light must be working for the cruise to the cruise to work correctly. For standard transmission manaul you can just use a tachometer signal to control speed. Cruise works but drops too much speed before it kicks in Only two possible reasons for this: Do some advance planning and determine where you are mounting the cruise servo and the vacuum reservoir.

For automobiles, you can use any vacuum source with the exception of the vacuum line running to your power brake booster.


Audiovox CCS-100 Automobile Accessories User Manual

Turn on the cruise and look into the servo housing where the wiring harness is installed. The cruise control will shut its self off if the vehicle speed drops over 10 MPH below Set speed. They have rubber caps on them and you can just pull them off. Wear all your gear just in case. Got it, continue to print. Too much slack and the cruise will be slow to respond. This softens the effect of higher sensitivity settings.

Audiovox Automobile Accessories CCS User Guide |

Did you pull the Black jumper to the left of the Dip switches inside the servo? It is extremely important that the throttle can not stick when the cruise control throttle connection is added.

The Cruise Control does not work at all: If you have too much slack in the Servo cable, the cable has to move too far and will shut its self off. You want just a little slack at idle in the cruise control servo cable closed throttle position but you must have enough slack that the throttle is fully closed.

The Rostra needs both signals to operate. To summarize, you need a tachometer signal to the ccss-100 wire, engine vacuum connected to the servo, and the purple brake wire connected correctly for the cruise to work.

Then again, others have reported no altitude problems at all. Brake information comes from the red and purple wires connected to the vehicle’s brake switch. The purple or brake light wire allows audlovox cruise to turn on and shuts the cruise off when you apply the brakes.