Avalon Quests, Preview #1 – Avalon Quests for Pathfinder Using the SPAGS system (the solo-player, party-based Pathfinder game system) A. Join Psyga as he gets Pokemon to explore the world of Avalon Quests! Will he have them Basically, it’s Pathfinder but made for a solo gamer. Avalon Quests – Making Adventures for a Party Controlled by a Solo . a number of players may not have read any of the Pathfinder books.

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So, with my characters created, I am ready to begin Raiders of Fortune, the adventure that came with the Avalon Quests I bought. Now we can roll on the encounter table.

Pffrpg 1 3 Well, got off lucky. Missing Messenger ] Marking the quest at 05,02 on the hex map which, by the way, is the first time I ever dealt with hex-based mapsthe trio set off on their first Avalon Quest.

Delphox does some fire onto the Hyenas. Greninja goes for the last uninjured one. Fortunately, I found something to spice the adventure up. The other three are their animal companions.


The hyenas have their turn. The wuests manages to cut right into Chesnaught, and now I have to see what sort of magic it disrupts. So Chesnaught brings the Escort into town.

Notify me of new comments via email. The group won the encounter and gained experience points from the encounter each. This is pretty wild. Pfrog continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Son of a bitch, they were thieves and they robbed us of some gold while we passed by them.

Roll… 17] Chesnaught is aware and he shows it.

Let’s Attempt Avalon Quests | Solo RPG Voyages

This site uses cookies. Does Chesnaught know what it is? So, Daryl goes first… twice. Then you have the total and must roll under it to get an event. The horse complies and allows the group to ride it. Scene interrupt right as I leave town!

I love solo RPGs. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And yes, their names are what you think they are. Both miss] So now Daryl attacks. Chaos factor decreases as we head back to Chesnaught and Daryl.

Daryl cut one of the Hyenas down and injured another one. Chesnaught, with one swing, manages to cleave through the thug and took him down, dropping his magical dagger, which he picks up afterwards. Will it be Hob? But first, I wanna ask the Emulator a question.


Let’s Attempt Avalon Quests

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here But first… [ Q: Oh God, if I reduce this to 1…. So, right as the party leave the town, a member of The Imperial Avlon group swings on by and informs him of some information. Move Towards A Thread 4: We begin with someone calling for people to bring him the heads of goblins. Injuring one Hyena and killing off another. So I naturally assume this is a quest for me. Do they consider stealth? Will it be willing to give them a ride?

So, to make a long battle short: