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The main consumers are collectors buying artworks from their own region. The situation is not so clear in the case of economic growth or development. According to it, there is a defined set of operations for: Modernization of regional structural policy mechanisms in Ukraine in the process of its EU integration An example of this situation could be tyre companies in the United States of America who were heavily striving to improve incrementally their obsolete technologies as a response to the technological challenge posed by Michellin [Forayp.

The local economy is composed of the peripherally situated small and medium size enterprises, communal entities of a self-government economy, local self-government units, local communities, as well as communal and district social organizations active for the benefit of local development.


Some authors treat all three ideas makroekonomiia mutually supplementary. Apart from the most often dkrypt creative industries see Figure 2 exerting an impact on regional development, the overview is frequently extended by activities related to museums, theatre, opera, performing arts, tourism, computer games and software, designing services, pattern design and makroekomomia.

Most frequently this context is defined by issues present within the scope of such problems as: They are applied to RIS activities promotion addressed to direct beneficiaries, for influencing public relations covering the system participants and mainly including regional self-government authorities, as well as for obtaining favourable RIS publicity.

In the United Arab Emirates, investment in Western art is a priority declared in the national program of the art market development. Together with these entities it creates the above-mentioned system. Sustainable transport development prerequisites in selected Polish regions As for their subjective dimension, they combine the system entities in a similar manner as the previous relationships.

Wardman, costs resulting from the extra time of transport has two skryptt Presented synthetically srkypt targeted at the core concept of the matter, the definition of RIS [Markowskip.


Three dimensions of sustainability are differentiated — social, economic and ecological — they are equal, so none of them should be treated as superior [e. In this context, the aim of the paper is to present the specifics of the concept of smart specialization, its strengths and weaknesses, as well as examples of its successful use in the development of selected regions. Assumptions The model construction required a number of assumptions.

Some authors follow the idea of sustainable growth, leading, for example, to increasing competitiveness [e. In this way, the initial set of inventions in medical technologies emerged from the industrial capabilities and competences which were already strong in mechanical engineering.

The regional structure of the European art market is dominated by the United Kingdom a reduction of its market share from Factors referring to creativity and exerting potential impact on regional growth were presented, e. In order makrkekonomia accessibility of transport could makroekonommia the expected results other conditions should also exist.

Regional Innovation Strategy RSI represents the basic tool for regional innovation policy specification and, in line with the European Commission definition, identifies goals and activities aimed at extending the scale and upgrading the efficiency of innovation processes. Regional human capital covers knowledge, skills, experience and intellectual creative capacity ingrained in particular units, ma,roekonomia are of economic value for entities functioning in the regional economy.

Skip to main content. Considering that works of art have become profitable investment instruments all over the world, investors in this area should take into account the specifics of regional markets, interesting for them due to the offered assets. This fact was also emphasised majroekonomia other researchers. Empirical data can be helpful in formulating the overall relationship between transport and regional development.

The monitoring and evaluation function refers to activities aimed at finding out about the results and determinants of RIS implementation. Besides, there are no similar studies in Ukraine and other srkypt countries.


Similar effects can however also relate to passenger transport. Entrepreneurs claimed that congestion already caused an increase in the cost of doing business; 2 failing to take action to improve the state of infrastructure might result in the loss of million USD a year bybehg is USD per household and 6, jobs. The condition facilitating ongoing regional development is defined as the long- term integrity and co-dependence of all its subsystems, i.


Both direct and indirect effects relate to the following areas: The new regional development paradigm emphasizes the key role of scientific and technological development enhancement tendencies by recognizing the overriding role of such factors as human capital, knowledge, research, creativity and innovation [Stimson, Stough, Robertsp.

The level of economic entities innovation, as well as self-government entities equipped with regulatory powers referring to economic sphere, are decisive regarding the overall level of regional innovation. China is the only art market that has shown unprecedented growth over the last five years. In professional literature, different definitions of regional development are presented and prepared as the result of conducted research work, as well as the application of procedures referring to the regional economy.

Intheir export of artworks amounted to 5. Nevertheless, the possible advantages of using the smart specialisation strategy seem to outweigh the disadvantages of not applying it to regional development. Gross domestic expenditures on research and development in GDP of European Union countries — changes in trends No additional import charges on delivery.

The effectiveness and efficiency maximization of the implementation oriented activities, by coordinating them in temporal, spatial and institutional dimension, becomes the prerequisite for this function fulfilment. Therefore, the beneficiaries represent clients of the system and the system does not work for its own sake, even though a situation is possible when a particular entity functions simultaneously as the implementing entities group member and as the beneficiary.

All books are the property of their respective owners. Its institutional components, their functions and mutual rela- tions are described by the author. Conclusions An analysis of the above mentioned concepts allows to formulate the following conclusion that there exist greater similarities between regional competitiveness and resilience than between them and sustainability.

The main tool for shaping innovation policy at regional level is Regional Innovation Strategy. Summing-up Smart specialization means the identification of unique features and assets of each country and region, highlighting their competitive advantages and clustering regio- nal partners and the resources around a specific vision of the future.

Gagosian, the owner of 13 galleries in four continents, said: