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There are two types of main customers from this company. If the dimension of the structure designed ok. Help Center Find new research papers in: Retaining wall is a solution to prevent the lateral movement of soil. In addition to this, the design and consulting office has the responsibility of preparing shop drawings working drawings for the contractor. Any contractor has the obligation of finishing the required work on the required time, unless so, the contractor will be penalized as per the contract agreements.

Back ground of the hosting company 1. It should be noted that the quality of the drawings plays a major part in achieving theses aims by qualifying the taker-off to produce an accurate bill and also by allowing making sound engineering judgments on methods of working and amounts of work.

Back filling is a combination of stones, soils having clay behavior and other materials that were lifted over after the main portion of the project structures was completed. It used for casting for all structural works at the auditorium building project gbi 2.


The following are the main functions of consultants: Once the concrete achieves a state of hardness that’s capable of supporting its own weight could be remove the forms. Place wood pads under the slat to make it level in case it is tilted.

He controls the number of laborers at each work place, transfer labor workers from one site to other, and check whether laborers are performing their job properly. Site engineer Site engineer is a person who has a responsibility to make sure that the work is implemented based on the design, specifications, drawings and agreement contract documents of the project.


He bgj so interested and gave me a warm respond. Fig9 concrete transportation work at the auditorium building gbi 3.

Hand mixing It is a type of mixing for concrete mortar for small works like masonry works used to the ratio of 1: NB Plumb bob is used to locate vertical points along the wire that forms the building layout. Click here to sign up. He gives special attention to avoid wastage of materials while allocating resources. The quantity of cement is measured by weight one bag Derba cement weighed 50 kg and each batch of concrete use one or more whole bags and the quantity of aggregates measured by gauge box in volume according to the specification ratio for each works at site.

Table 3 timber and steel forms Timber form works Steel formworks Advantage Disadvantage advantage Disadvantage Cheaper than less durability durable High cost to purchase steel Can found locally Not use reusable Attacked by Corrosion repetitively It is adaptable Need trans to Difficult to get for and can be made workers different shape any shape Easier to size Water absorbent Water in Had large weight Lighter in weight from fresh concrete absorbent from fresh concrete A.

In the next day the general Forman introduce me all about the general rule, regulation of the site and what is safety at site. He also gives guidance on how the work is to be done and gives correction if there is any mistake done.

The main function of cart away was to minimize the over load of the site over all from the embankment of excavations dug out soils for footings, bulked, site clearance, trench. Types of excavation executed in this project There are different types of excavations which are done in this building construction project: Other arguments produce the error message Run CP.

internship works | Global Thinking –

AutoCAD, MS, sap and other technology software before I recommended to you on such programs worked more in the future big create the students back ground near to the technology on their own field of study by fulfilling technological facilities minimizing scarcities with arranging different programs before for each year.


Rock excavation was held by moving excavator with his chin in the whole excavated which has opened one side of the commonly excavated pit holes to excavate more pits commonly together. Be bgk not to gouge the structure with the pry or inserted bar in the process.

LGO, in the same format. A practice has to be all year long process and has to go hand in hand with the theoretical learning. Minimum three specimens are made at a time on site. During the construction of bar structures, the process must be supervised by a qualified professional in this field supervisors, site engineers in addition to Forman.

For this purpose concrete cube test was done in laboratory. BGI to provide its graphics drawing functions.

Reference SNP (refSNP) Cluster Report: rs

This carelessness affects the motivation and work 55086 of the students, I recommended the universities and concerned bodies to make strict follow up on students by working in close relationship with hosting organizations.

They act as Point of communication between the board of directors and company 506 and reporting in a timely and accurate manner on company procedures and developments. Common causes of lateral stress include earthquakes and high winds. These procedures were repeatedly to build all columns in the project site. Machine back filler and hand back filer.

The other types of bar also calculated like this manner. Remove all forms in this manner and forms were reusable, clean and store them in a dry place.