Billion BiPACN User Manual. This page contains the user manual in PDF form for the Billion BiPACN router. Other Billion BiPACN Guides. the full User Manual on the CD-. ROM for more advanced settings. This guide is based on the Billion BiPAC N. ADSL2+ Firewall. Modem/Router. Screen. View and Download Billion BiPAC (N) user manual online. (n) Dual WAN ADSL2+ Firewall Router. BiPAC (N) Network Router pdf manual.

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In the Internet Connection Properties window, click Settings to see the port mappings that were automatically created. It facilitates you the features to control the quality and speed of throughput for each application when biillion system is running with full upstream load. Page Pre-Shared Key: Click to add the IP Addresses.

If the router is too hot, turn off the power immediately and have it repaired at a qualified service center. Click Add to set up new GRE tunnels. This feature allows you to control the quality and speed of throughput for each application when the system is running with full upstream load.


It is user-friendly and comes with on- line help. Displays the name of the router.

Download Manual for the Billion BiPACN

Give outgoing VoIP traffic more priority. Page 43 Ethernet mode 1. The Billion N gained a large following among broadband enthusiasts for delivering the very highest speeds possible from broadband connections due to its innovative target SNR margin adjustment facility and robust Broadcom chipset.

Display the manuual network. You can choose the type of security mode you want to apply from the drop down menu.

Default setting is set to Enable.

Remember to enter your server IP Address. Check the check box beside the item you want to remove, and then press Remove. Even broadband users living close to an exchange are often delighted to see substantial improvements in their download speed too. Page Step 4: Wireless Bridge WDS wireless distributed system is a wireless access point mode that enables wireless link and communication with other access points.

UPnP UPnP offers peer-to-peer network connectivity for PCs and other network devices, along with control and data transfer between devices.

Billion BiPAC-7800N Login Instructions

List all the stations that are associated with the Access Point. Success in configuring the EZSO. Click in the low right corner of each configuration page.


Security 8700n security prevents unauthorized access or damage to computers using wireless network. You can either choose to restart your device to restore it to the Factory Default Settings or to restart the device with your current settings applied. The routers are installed in the head office and branch offices accordingly.

Billion BiPAC 7800(N) User Manual

Web Interface Username and Password Username: Enter text from picture: Click Add button, enter the user account-adding page: The log level allows you to configure which types of events are logged. Select a Server Name from the drop-down menu, then the port will automatically appear, modify some as you like, or you can just leave it as default.

We recommend that that you try each available operating mode in turn to see which one gives the best speeds and stability for your line. Do not use the router in high humidity or high temperatures.

It looks like this: List each LAN interface.

Page 65 PBC Method: