Janine Benyus for Center for Biologically Inspired Design. “Biomimicry (from bios, meaning life, and mimesis, meaning to imitate)is a new science that studies. Benyus has authored six books on biomimicry, including Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature. In this book she. Biomimicry has ratings and reviews. Smellsofbikes said: I want to like this book, and I agree with her underlying theses. I enjoy reading all t.

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You learn that energy is valuable. Retrieved August 26, For instance, take a peacock feather.

What does that mean? Refresh and try again. She was doing her Ph. It talked about finding natural medicines by watching how animals heal themselves; what they eat when they have a parasite infection for example.

They do their chemistry in water. Added to this was the inability of the author to recognize fundamental truths about design and creation that were staring her in the face and that were pain I want to make benyuus plain at the outset that I did not like this book.

How will we feed ourselves? Reading this book was depressing.

Good examples and context. However, I tire fairly easily of the patronizing tone of the “environmentally enlightened” and do not enjoy when authors shrug off religious ideas as if they were relics. That wording is the sort of institutional bias that runs rampant in this book, and in many other books and magazines in the future-utopia genre, and ebnyus never fails to irritate me, in exactly the same way that the phrase “unborn people” irritates me. Everything I looked at, from the technical and physical to the organizational and ecosystem level, I realized that the answers were there and I just asked the question: Additionally, I thought the chapter on computing was a bit manine.


They are revolutionising how we invent, compute, heal ourselves, harness energy, repair the environment, and feed the world. And therefore you need a chemistry that disassembles and assembles safely in life-friendly ways. Some parts of it I found really interesting, some not enough developped or a little bit too far fetched, only full of descriptions of new developping technologies and some of them, according to wikipedia, finally failed or weren’t viable.

Biomimicry Explained: A Conversation with Janine Benyus – Biomimicry

They ate wildrye because they were starving because their normal crops had failed. Or go on asknature. It is about that. We clearly have a lot to learn and it is imperative that we do so.

Biomimicry @ 20: A conversation with Janine Benyus

InBenyus co-founded the Biomimicry Guild, the Innovation Consultancy, which helps innovators learn janne and emulate natural models in order to design sustainable products, processes, and policies that create conditions conducive to life. The jwnine on storing our ideas basically focused on using a carbon based system instead of a silicon based system to “compute” ideas Most of the chapters consist of the author attempting to digest the literature of speculation and research and looking for salvation in the efforts of scientists to copy God’s creation.

In one section of the book, she discussed how we may use materials sparingly and quoted Brad Allenby: This section could also use less detail on process and more reasons for the need for these materials.

Granted, I am overly sensitive in both of these categories, and these attitudes, though they are present in the book, show up very rarely. While I am not scientifically illiterate, I certaily janinne have an in depth understanding of Biology, Chemistry or Physics.


Biomimicry @ A conversation with Janine Benyus | GreenBiz

Jan 15, Ali rated it it was amazing. So Benyus’s chapter on bio-medical research hunting for drugs in the rainforest – and even investing resources into preserving indigenous knowledge of which plants heal, etc. The biomimircy example is the lotus leaf.

And I realized that it was the same things the sustainability movement was looking for. The last kanine of the book is pretty dry philosophizing except for a few ideas such as companies that are taking back their products for recycling and laws requiring them to do so.

Yes, we have Spotify and electric rental cars, but they didn’t change big thing, unfortunately. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The last section on conducting business was again a bit outdated. That said, the whole book was great.

Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature

Fascinating new angle to look at the nature! Really fascinating thinking and exciting to realize that there are more and more scientists who are starting to use this sort of technique. With Benyus’s humor and wit you will find this compendium of technologies very palatable and informational if not inspiring; be forewarned there is a good amount of information in this book, do take a week to read it for maximum enjoyment!

Didi mentioned that, in addition to smoking elephant dung! Granted, I am overly sensitive in both of these categories, and these attitudes, though Quite an in-depth description of observing and studying nature more closely to solve human problems. Janine Benyus shares nature’s designs and Biomimicry in action.