Birchas Hachama — the Blessing of the Sun at in Birkat Hachamah (Blessing on the Sun): The existence of nearly all life on Earth is fueled by light from the sun. Some may call this phenomenon nature. We will. That mitzvah is to recite Birkat HaChama, the blessing said when one sees the sun return to its original position, as it was during the week of.

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Birchas Hachama in Uruguay

Following a controversial article on COLliveit seems like the Gaboim of are making a gesture towards compromise. Rabbi Avraham Osdoba will be invited to the podium at Birchas Hachama.

By COLlive reporter Common ground seems to have been achieved in Crown Heights as the Hachams of have made a step towards compromise. Rabbi Avraham Osdoba, the senior authority of the local Bais Din, will be invited to the podium at the Birchas Hachama ceremony in front of Eastern Parkway. But some expressed concern over a messianic skew of the event in an article on COLlive.

Men will stand near and women on the other side of the parkway. Police were already seen today positioning barriers. A hahcama of the Lubavitcher Rebbe saying one of the three Sichos which he said during the previous hzchama in will be played. Yossi Cohen will be playing music as a finale. Advertise with us Contact. There are no misnagdim anymore”. Post a Comment Title: Monday, Tevet 23 – 31 December Opinions and Comments 1 Great Wow, this is really wonderful news. Glad to see things were worked out.

This is sure to be a beautiful event to remember! bichas

At least our children will have memories of a nice event, like we did 28 years ago. Please let us know.

No reason our kids need that experience. That will answer the question if it is achdus or machloikes! Now let’s leave it that way. Wow, collive has the power to create peace! Thank you for doing the great work you’ve been doing.


This will give the Rebbe Nachas.

I am not a Yechi person I haven’t set foot in in years because of all the nonsense that goes on. But I am very pleased that sanity appears to prevail. And therefore, as this is following exactly the way Birkas hachama was done then, by our Rebbe, there won’t be any garbage this time. So how come I don’t believe it will be like ? Will you just shut up and be respectful for the sake of Unity?

How about if we feel that Yechi is the most embarrassing thing in Lubavitch today? Should bircahs just collaborate on the event nonetheless, irrespective of the Chillul Shem Lubavitch it will cause in our humble opinion? A rabbi that’s in Cherem can be up on the podium and be honered by all his naive congregants This is the first time in my life that I will be by Birchas Ahchama. Even in lakewood they’re hoping Moshiach will come this year so that it won’t be the year !!

We’ll take him now too!!!

So not only do they add yechi after the words of the tehilim. There are no misnagdim anymore” Bs”d Everybody has a cousin named Mendy.

And Mendy hopefully will reach out to all.

Birkat Hachama – Wikipedia

I am sure it’s just a political move. It’s a good sign, it shows that even gaboyim of ‘Beis Moshiach’ are aware that people are fed up with all these moshichist antiques.

Please just take a deep breath, and let go Let go of all the negativity that you are feeling. Just let everyone live and be.

Birkat Hachama

Don’t harbor so much anger and hatred. Fill yourself with love and joy.

Go on, try it. Suddenly the world around you will be a prettier place, your children will be happier and not want to distance themselves from you and your lifestyle and the people around you will want to be near you.

Your general health and well-being will be better too.


Go on see for yourself! The Rebbe loves you, the Aibeshter loves you, it’s all gonna work out: And if you don’t know how to do that, look for someone who can teach you those skills, you’ll be so happy you did! Those days of leis and deceit are over. Those days are long gone, 14 years we all ibrchas the results for ourselves. The same old propaganda. Your the usual jealous hating monger who are afraid like Z. L that if there is g-d forbid any type of progress, you and your fellow baal moachlokes who never do anything good, just destroy will become irrelevant.

Orthodox union

News flash, you and your friends have become irrelevant long ago. We are sick a tiered of your hate and leis etc… there is a new generation of young men, willing to do something that will bring to actual fruition. Yet, even if only two people will be left to Davven down stairs inthey will always be “the Majority”. And what is the achievment of fooling a fool”? You sound like the guy who knew “only the other half of shas” So just hold yourself back, don’t say anything, smile and be nice to the guy who is doing or not hachaka the “terrible” thing and all will nirchas good.

Think before you act like a maniac. Fine i don’t know all the words of the song, but the point is that it doesn’t matter if you say tomato and i say tomata or you say yechi and i don’t because Birchas Hachama doesn’t have to do anything with it. It’s about the sun being in the same place as it started, therefore this is about Hashem. And hashem doesn’t need anything to be said.