Birkat Hamazon or Birkat Hammazon known in English as the Grace After Meals is a set of Hebrew blessings that Jewish Halakha (“collective body of Jewish. Shir Ha Maalot. Shir ha-maalot, beshuv Adonai et shivat tziyon hayinu ke- cholmim. Az yimalei sechok pinu u-leshoneinu rinah az yomru va. Birkas Hamazon, ברכת המזון, Birchas Hamazon, Prayer After Meals (Bentchen) / Grace, Blessing After Meals. Visit to say Birchas Hamazon.

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This is frequently followed by reciting four further lines of four other Psalms, By using our site, you accept our use of cookies bir,at our updated privacy policy.

Psalm 27 Avinu Malkeinu Selichot. The Kippah on Beale Street. Archived from the original on 2 April U-veneih Yerushalayim ir ha-kodesh bi-meheirah ve-yameinu.

Wikisource has original text related to this article: Ka-katuv, ve-achalta ve-savata u-veirachta et Adonai Elohecha al ha-aretz ha-tovah asher natan lach. The Muslim Spy who Became a Jew.

Dec 31 23 Tevet Hirkat Portion.

Birkat Hamazon – Wikipedia

Hebrew words and phrases Jewish prayer and ritual texts Jewish blessings Positive Mitzvoth. A Song of Ascents.

A Match Made in Heaven. It is customary for the person leading the zimmun hamazonn recite the blessings over a cup of wine called the kos shel beracha cup of blessing. Shacharit Preparation Birkot hashachar Akeida Offerings. Uve-tuvo ha gadol tamid lo chasar lanu ve’al yechsar lanu mazon le-olam vaed.

At birkat hamazon concluding the celebratory meal of a brit milah ritual circumcisionadditional introductory lines, known as Nodeh Leshimchaare added at the beginning and special ha-Rachaman prayers are inserted. If this is also forgotten, then at the first two meals of Shabbat and major holidays with the possible exception of the Rosh Hashanah day mealone must repeat the entire Birkat Hamazon.

Uvi-retzoncha haniyach lanu Adonai Eloheinu she-lo tehei tzarah ve-yagon va-anachah be-yom menuchateinu. Additional sections are added on special occasions.

Grace After Meals – Text

You are blessed, Lord our God, Sovereign of the world, who provides food for the entire world in his goodness, with grace, kindness, and mercy. Accordingly, women forming a zimmun and leading birkat hamazon has become increasingly common in Modern Orthodox circles.


Be pleased, Lord our God, to strengthen us through Your commandments, especially the commandment of the seventh day, this great and holy Shabbat. Higdil Adonai la’asot imanu hayinu semeichim. Migdol yeshuot malko ve-oseh chesed li-meshicho le-David ule-zaro ad olam.

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There are also SephardicYemenite and Italian versions. My friends, let us say the blessing. Ve-nisa verachah mei-eit Adonai u-tzedakah mei-Elohei yisheinu.

In liberal branches of Judaism, there is no standard text to be recited and customs vary accordingly. Ba-marom yelamdu aleihem ve-aleinu zechut she-tehei le-mishmeret shalom. Traditionally, the cover of the bencher is customized to reflect the event. Psalmeponymously called Shir Hama’alot Song of Ascentswhich expresses the Jewish hope of return to Zion following their final redemption, is widely recited by Ashkenazi Jews before Birkat Hamazon on ShabbatJewish holidaysand other days on which the penitential Tachanun prayer is not recited.

Many Sephardi Jewsespecially Spanish and Portuguese Jews often sing a hymn in Spanish not Ladino as is commonly assumedcalled Bendigamosbefore or after birkat hamazon.

Grace After Meals – Text

The man who weeps as he trails the seed along will return with cries of joy, carrying his sheaves. Blessed is He our God whose food we have eaten and through whose goodness we live. A Zimmun of 10 is called a Zimmun B’Shem.

When those present at the meal form a minyan a quorum of ten adult Jewish men there are further additions to the invitation. Have mercy, Lord our God, on Israel Your people, on Jerusalem Your city, on Zion the home of your glory, on the kingdom of the house of David, Your anointed one, and on the great and holy house which is called by Your name.

In other projects Wikisource. Ba’avur shemo ha gadol ki hu El zan u-mefarneis la-kol u-meitiv la-kol u-meichin mazon le-chol beriyotav asher baro.

We thank You, Lord our God, for having given the heritage to our fathers of a lovely, fine and spacious land, and for having brought us out, Lord our God, from Egypt, and for rescuing us from slavery, and also for Your covenant which You sealed in our flesh, as well as for Your Torah which You taught us, and Your laws of which You told us, and for the life, grace and kindness You have granted us, and for the food which You supply and provide for us constantly, every day, all the time, and at every hour.


And please, let us not be dependent, Lord our God, neither on a gift, nor on a loan from a human being, but rather on Your full, open, holy and generous hand, so that we should never feel embarrassed or ashamed. Even young lions suffer want and hunger, but those who seek the Lord will not lack any good thing. At a Passover Sederthe cup of blessing is drunk by everyone present, and functions as the “Third Cup”.

Among those who do practice mayim acharonimthe majority simply pour a small amount of water over their finger tips. Hu gemalanu hu gomleinu hu yigmeleinu la-ad lechein le-chesed bir,at ule-revach hatzalah ve-hatzlacha beracha viyshuah nechama parnasa ve-chalkalah ve-rachamim ve-chayim ve-shalom ve-chol tov, umi-kol tuv le-olam al yechasreinu.

Towards a More Fruity Existence.

Birkat Hamazon

At the conclusion of birkat hamazona further seven special blessings are recited. The most widely available is the Ashkenazic.

Eloheinu avinu re’einu zuneinu parneseinu ve-chalkeleinu ve-harvicheinu ve-harvach lanu Adonai Eloheinu meheirah mi-kol tzaroteinu. In particular, the Italian version preserves the ancient practice of commencing the second paragraph with Nachamenu on Shabbat.

May the Merciful One break the yoke from our neck and lead us upright to our land. Hodu ladonai ki tov ki le-olam chasdo. The first three blessings are regarded as required by scriptural law:. The length of the different Birkat hamazon can vary considerably, from benching under half a minute to more than 5 minutes.