Bloodwych Manual (pdf):: Bloodwych is an RPG in the style of Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder, being a 3D maze-like game. This booklet contains background information and full instructions for playing BLOODWYCH. This will allow you to quickly begin playing and enjoying the game. bloodwych-manual – Museum of Computer Adventure Game Read more about clicking, slot, serpent, combat, icon and characters.

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Hit points can be restored with appropriate potions, spells, or by resting. It is said that Zendickj evil laughter could be heard resounding across the whole land on that morn.

Bloodwych – Manual

These will help you get easily into the more advanced aspects of the game. Try using the various icons and menus, and see what effect different spells have.

The champion will appear in one of the player boxes to the right of bkoodwych screen,together with with his or her attributes displayed in the Character scroll. Psyche Types There are four psyche types, each indicated by a different suit of cards. The inventory for each character shows twelve ten on the spectrum item slots.

RENEW – cures everything except cramp. The important attributes for the current leader are also displayed in the statistics box situated to the right of the leader icon. If you have previously cast a continuous spell,or there is a spell waiting to be cast then the door icon will be conceald by the spell icon. You may view as many champions as you whish in this way. Some particularly useful spells should be learned by mqnual.

That game had an interesting magic system: No word was uttered, no sound made, but within the astral void a thought took shape. To swap an maunal in the inventory with an item in the transfer slot, simply click on the item in the inventory and they will be swapped.


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You then have control only over the inventories and spell books of your party’s characters. Pause Clicking the pause icon will cause the game to be suspended for both players until either of the pause icons is clicked again.

Change to the new directory. The armour slot is for worn items, the Shield slot is bkoodwych shields, and the backpack slots are for anything. Just remembered the 4th one: The door locks behind you as you enter one of these halves.

They may, however, hot be very adept at it.

Improved sleep can come from facing a bed before clicking on the icon. You must first explore Treihadwyl, recruiting more champions, and gathering items to aid you in your task.

An item can be in either hand slot but if both hand slots contain melee weapons the one in the left hand will be used. If you leave an object or character behind, mark the place on your map. Each psyche type has different maanual and mznual. As with hit points, the first figure shows your current vitality while the second shows the maximum you can reach.

If we do not banish him to the realm of chaos then all will be lost Answer You should have a Moon Key. Navigation and commands are also extremely similar to Dungeon Masteras you can see from the screenshots below, both offering battles with skeletons. This also includes user names that link to advertising. Each psyche type has different strengths and weaknesses. I am stuck in a room with three green pads which teleport me to various places with lots of buttons, but I can’t get any further.

Dispell them and he will emerge. Eventually you will be able to press all the bloodywch, turn a section of wood wall into a door, and remove the pillar in front of the stairs. Click on the Bag icon to view the characters inventory. This speeds up the party’s recovery of hit points, vitality and spell points.


I have found a false section of wall, but cannot get to the doors it leads to due to two pillars being in the way. During melee missile weapons can only be shot by characters who occupy the rear two marching positions.

As bloodwjch hit points, the first figure shows manua, current vitality while the second shows your maximum vitality. Clicking on the Scroll icon will call up the Character Scroll for the currently selected leader.

And slowly the city of mages was transformed. During combat characters will follow the lead of your combat instruction and generally act on their own initiative.

If you have previously cast a continuous spell, or there is a spell waiting to be cast, then the Door icon will be concealed by manuzl spell icon.

I have explored the maze, but can find nowhere else to go. Using an item To use an item, like food, drink, or potions, put the item in the transfer slot and then click on it. The spell can be cancelled by clicking manuxl theis icon. Ah, Legend, epic game: In my book if a game mode is that far from the standard of the other smaybe it shouldn’t have been included in the first place. You must first explore Treidwyl, recruiting more champions, and gathering items to aid your task.

This is also blooxwych to offer gold during a purchase. If you leave an object or character behind, mark the place on your map.