Theobald Boehm: Grande Polonaise for flute and piano, Op 16 – Play streams in full or download MP3 from Classical Archives (), the. Work Title, Polonaise for Flute and Piano, Op Alternative. Title, Grande Polonaise pour la Flûte avec accompagnement de Pianoforte. Œuvre Composer. Sheet Music for Flute & Piano (A-B) by Boehm, T, Grand Polonaise Op. 16, Published: Gerard Billaudot [GB], Editor: Heriche, Robert, Not Applicable.

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One more set of etudes is included in the complete works of Boehm.

This site requires JavaScript to function properly. To her Donizetti dedicated several chamber-music works, e.

Polonaise for Flute and Piano, Op.25 (Scholl, Karol)

This huge cultural palace, that burned down in and made way for the present Dutch Bank DNBwas for a long time, along with Felix Meritus, Amsterdam’s most significant centre of music, despite its infamously poor acoustics. Opera, however, became his most important musical domain for the polonajse three decades of his life. There seems to be no unifying element, either in the tone material or in rhythmic structures. She also helped Donizetti to avoid military service.

Theobald Boehm – Grande Polonaise for flute and piano, Op 16 – Classical Archives

The concerto comprises three movements which merge into each other. Interwoven is a reference to the first movement – a technique Poulenc also incorporated in the sonatas for clarinet and for oboe. The cazonetta ‘Come raggio di sol’ poet unknown seems to strike a lighter tone, but soon enough it becomes apparent that those rays of sunshine and happiness, too, can have grad darker lining.

Theobald Boehm — Romantic Composer. The piece gained immediate popularity in the first half of the last century. Theobald Boehm’s Grande Polonaise, one of the great virtuosic showpieces of the Early Romantic period, was one of a collection of pieces written to display the innovations of Boehm’s own new flute mechanism design.


It is assumed that the inspiration for this work was the World Exhibition held in in Paris, at which cultures from around the world had a pavilion.

The most important distinction between the two, however, is that the chaconne is composed on a continuously repeated bass theme of usually four or eight bars; in the passacaille only the rhythm of this often a minim followed by a crotchet is retained.

Ask a question about this product. Countless other differences teach us more about both works.

The use of the oboe d’amore is in this context by no means coincidental. George Schoeman, for instance, performed it with the Orchestra of the Paleis voor Volksvlijt, under the composer’s baton.

Rien de Reede – Program notes

polonnaise Add a personal message. The first movement -in three sections- opens in e minor but closes with a Schubertesque major-minor dilemma. This is a demanding work, both in technique and in musicality, and is regularly used as a core recital and competition piece around the world. It was first performed by the well-known flutist Herman van Boom, to whom the piece was dedicated.

Incessant travels, mainly between the opera houses of Naples, Rome and Milan, were followed in by a sojourn of some years in Paris and by his appointment, inas Kapellmeister to the Viennese court. With its theatrical introduction, its frequent dialogues, as well as its buffo character, the sonata has, despite the limited thematic material and the simple form, assumed its own modest place in the flute literature.

He also polknaise a telescope for locating fires in This facilitated contact with various wealthy families. Jupiter Silkweave Microfiber Cloth.

Cantabile et Presto was written as the examination piece and was also set in and at the Conservatoire National. In Boehm’s variations the piano always has an accompanying role; in a few variations Schubert allows the flute to accompany the piano.

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November 6, No Comments by Peter Westbrook. Required competition music lists, sign-ups and more information can be found at Texas Flute All Star. Since there are abundant mistakes in the part writing octave parallels etc.

Sign in Register Wish list. Send to friend The code is case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as above. His work creating the and model flutes is well documented, not least in his book The Flute and Flute Playingas well as in numerous texts dealing with the history and development of the flute. The Richault edition, published in Paris in the same year, is dedicated to amateurs of the flute. Please come by and visit us to see the latest in flutes and all the wonderful accessories to go along with them!

From the first glance, it becomes clear that Boehm had enormous technical facility, with virtuoso passagework, wide intervallic leaps and detailed articulations featuring in almost every work. Two of these studies number 2 and 11 also exist in arrangements made for the alto.

It is probably the most played and most successful of Boehm’s eight variation works. The piano part is also eminently suitable for the harp. His flutes demonstrate the highest quality craftsmanship, and around instruments made by Boehm and his associates still exist today.