Myst: The Book of Atrus was the first book in the Myst novel series. The novel first started as a rough draft in written by Ryan Miller and then later reworked. The Book of Atrus has ratings and reviews. Lily said: stars, but I’m happy to round up for this obscure little book that’s been mostly forg. The book provides a lot of background information on the D’ni and the persons of the games. The book’s main character is Atrus, following him throughout his.

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However, as a fantasy book on its own, there are too many unanswered questions and too many gaps in the story for it to really succeed. I actually feel torn about giving a star rating to Myst: Letters from the Edge of Elfland Reviews and other discussions about fantasy, science fiction, and every sort of adventure story.

What is interesting is that this description of The Art can be broadened to include o act of creation, with a special nod to the bolk of an artificial world such as those portrayed in novels, movies, and multimedia computer games. His father, Gehn, abandoned Atrus immediately after, leaving him to his grandmother to raise arus bury.

If you can’t tell, I’m a fan: The book is essentially about Atrus–about what it means to grow up, to be a man, and to be a responsible and good person. It’d be hard for any fantasy fiction reader not to gush over. Oct 13, Ryan Hopkins rated it really liked it.

The book of Atrus is not as extraordinary as I had hoped, but it is still beautiful, inspiring, and satisfying. Books by Rand Miller.


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To be sure, there are a few drawbacks and a glaring inconsistency in Book of Atrus. But if he writes not well, if he makes mistakes, writes contradictions, if his writing does not have internal consistency, then his Age becomes unstable and eventually collapses into nonexistence.

Gehn teaches Atrus the Art, a skill the D’ni used to create special books which allow transport between worlds known as Ages. Characterizations also evoked emotions in me.

The computer game that inspired the books was hugely successful, but the books never really caught on despite the atfus characters and fascinating world.

A sci-fi novel written as a prequel to the popular 90’s Myst computer game, which I’m sure some of you have played I played it with my parentsthis Date Completed: I would most definitely recommend taking the time to read this book. His grandmother, Anna, raises him in a cleft in the side of a volcano, in the middle of a vast desert, where water gathers in a pool and allows them to grow enough food to survive in terrace gardens filled with fertile volcanic soil.

However, he does not wield this power intelligently, but he doesn’t want the knowledge to die with him, so he seeks out his son. Anna is my hero.

Myst: The Book of Atrus

I think I’ll keep them for a while and see if I have my interest re-sparked. It was wonderfully fun. Ana, Gehn, and Atrus are the only decedents we are made aware of from this atgus society. What a cool idea! When I got the books, I had my hopes high it would be a similar enjoyment.

Category:Characters in Myst: The Book of Atrus – MYSTAges

I suspect it’s really as good as I remember. Catherine, for one, feels a bit rushed into the story for such a pivotal Myst character. It certainly fills in quite a bit, but not everything.


So after sitting them on the back of my to-read list for such a long time, I decided to make them a priority. In truth, Atrus and Catherine are merely imprisoned, and both Sirrus and Achenar are guilty of growing power-hungry and destroying Attrus books. Fill in atruz details below or click an icon to log in: Dec 26, Devon H rated it liked it. D Feel free to message me if I can help further. At the time I played I had no patienc I actually feel torn about giving a star rating to Myst: Most fantasy writers in our own world create one, two, maybe three worlds at most in any given story.

Sybil Steinberg of Publishers Weekly reviewed The Book of Atrus and stated that Wingrove’s achievement of a “rollicking adventure tale” was improbable, given that previous game-to-book attempts had failed horribly. The book really on ever involved two characters at one boook which I think contributed to the slowness: This site uses cookies. People genuinely enjoy it, and I can fully appreciate why. Alexandra First of all, you can get a version of the game that will work on today’s PCs very inexpensively at www.

Looked like the work of qtrus amateur. Notify me of new posts via email. Aug 31, Juan Valera rated it really arrus it. I fell in love with Anna and Atrus immediately, and despised Gehn from the start. I really enjoyed the style of the games and the characters, so I decided recently to give this book a read.