Mythago Wood is a fantasy novel by British writer Robert Holdstock, published in the United Kingdom in It won the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel in. Bosque Mitago by Robert Holdstock, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Bosque Mitago by Robert Holdstock at – ISBN – ISBN – Ediciones Gigamesh – – Softcover.

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I don’t like that the book is called “fantasy” fiction, since it has none of the horrible cliche crapola that identifies fantasy in my mind. When he kills C the decay of the landscape will reverse. I was entranced by Mythago Wood from the first page. Holdstock is brilliant at character development, and the ideas he works with are certainly interesting, though pretty familiar to anyone who has read much of the fantasy published since. As the story unfolds we discover that the father, though he had died, has merged with a large angry mythical creature from ancient times.

View all 10 comments. I do not mean the emasculated versions designed for modern Western children – I refer to the more violent and raunchy ancient versions which entertained and terrified hunters and farmers before the Romans invaded England. Another is Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: Harry’s diary was not the first diary that had impacted Steven’s life.


Two brothers move back to childhood house and the forest behind the house is magic. Upon returning home, Steven finds that his brother Christian is quickly following in their father’s footsteps — both figuratively and literally — for he has also discovered that this is no ordinary forest!

Basically, the entire tale is a journey into the collective unconscious.

Did I mention there is a girl? These fairy tales were myths about imagined or real magical tree beings and transformed woodsmen or vegetation god or goddess warriors living in deep forests. There holdtock also airborne defences to prevent aircraft from getting too close, such as vortices of air or air elementals that throw an aircraft off course.

Both had seen mythagos as children, but their father explained them away as travelling Gypsies. Jung’s brilliant conceptualization of “The Collective Unconscious” provides the underpinnings of Ryhope Wood, of course, but man-aliv Rating: Blackwood is a world renowned classic boxque that has won countless awards.

Christian doesn’t want to talk about it. There is a lot of mythological references both real and imaginary but do not let it put you off the story really is how we deal with the unknown and how we deal with it when forced to face it. Finally, late inSteven reluctantly decided to dee back to England.

Mythago Wood

Of Sorcerers and Men: Mythago Wood is set in HerefordshireEngland, in and around a stand of ancient mmitagoknown as Ryhope Wood. Reminds me rather unfortunately of The Bridge Across Forever: Paperbackpages.


Kitten, who had once been able to fly above the land, now accompanying the Kinsman through strange landscapes, ascending a giant bridge, adventuring against strange beasts. The Politics of Contemporary Enchantment 1st ed. I wish I’d written this book! Thanks for telling us about the problem. Those who go after the mythagos into the wood are permanently affected. I am not the ideal audience for this book.

Bosque Mitago

Feb 25, carol. I would have expected her eyes to be bright green, but they were a depthless brown. Charles Scribner’s Sons,pages The Mythagos, if destroyed, return later, alive and well. Of course, there is a mysterious woman.

Mythago Wood – Wikipedia

I’m going to read Lavondyss, the sequel to Mythago Wood. Time travel occurs when travellers pass through Hollowings.

Myths, magic and monsters all exist inside Ryhope wood, things that are summoned out of the mind buried legends ingrained in human psyche become terrifyingly real. Orson Scott Card described it as “for readers who are willing to take the time and effort to let a writer evoke a whole and believable world, peopled with living characters”.