Brainwashed has ratings and 70 reviews. Jafar said: A new study suggests feeling powerful dampens a part of the brain that helps us connect with oth. Brainwashed: The Seductive Appeal of Mindless Neuroscience by Sally Satel and Scott Lilienfeld is an important book on an emerging. Brainwashed: The Seductive Appeal of Mindless Neuroscience. Article (PDF Available) in Theology and Science 12(1) ยท February with.

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Look, read a book before the year on consciousness and all you’ll get is some incoherent philosophical speculations on it’s real nature, but read a recent book on consciousness that includes neuroscience you’ll get a useful understanding. It was a refreshing read about how we accept to much of conventional wisdom of neuroscience and how we have been deceived by science.

Brainwashed: The Seductive Appeal of Mindless Neuroscience

In the brief final chapter, they summarize their concerns about neurodeterminism and argue for a more balanced view. However, I didn’t li I’ve always had a feeling that a lot of much-advertised neurological articles were somehow biased – but I couldn’t explain what kind of bias it was. It’s common to see colored-blob brain images in popular articles claiming that science has proven that this or that human behavior is rooted in the brain.

Satel, isn’t by any means against the huge steps-forward in brain imaging and neuroscience, but she is opposed to the overeager popularizes who jump to hasty conclusions, and the media swallowing up the hype and spreading nonsense. This is not a religious book, but It’s funny how the roles of academia and religion have switched.

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I’ve been very dubious of brain imaging – or at least the claims people make while providing fMRI scans as ‘proof’. In seducgive, the fairly philosophically, not to mention historically, unsophisticated takes many of the critics have only underscores just how weak their position is.

Satel, shows some of the many problems in the attempts the show the signature of a lie in the brain, and why lie detector test often fail. Satel agrees that neurology is great, and there have been strides.

Review: Brainwashed: The Seductive Appeal of Mindless Neuroscience | HuffPost

She shows the how dangerous David Eaglemen’s ideas are in “Incognito” concerning how the whole justice system should be changed, since all crime is caused by malfunctioning brains. And though their delineation of how popular thinkers have misused neuroscience seemed by and large accurate and necessary, I’m still waiting for a book that can put it all into perspective without the libertarian agenda. Aug 13, Omar M.

Although the authors provide good critiques, they still focus too much on people’s morale when trying to overcome afflictions. While fMRI shows the brain response of addicts to images of drugs, recovery is a project of the heart and mind.

Frankly speaking, they are not the best narrators in the world, but the issue in question is important enough so that I can forgive them. In short, we don’t know as much as we claim to, and it’s clear that anyone encountering unified theories of human behavior based on neuroscience ought to be skeptical.

Review: Brainwashed: The Seductive Appeal of Mindless Neuroscience

ARK — 14 September Thanks for telling us about the problem. This isn’t really answered in the book, it’s simply presented as a thing we accept. For instance, one study offered evidence that mimdless mind is a figment of the brain.


If the reader remains unconvinced after the first chapters, by all means, they should read on.

Brainwashed: The Seductive Appeal of Mindless Neuroscience by Sally L. Satel

The authors do question whether claiming we are there already is helping or hurting. Also, several part of the brain will light up in any given moment, all of which can indicate different things, muddying up the qppeal further.

Basically, we’re not in a science fiction novel yet as much as the most enthusiastic adherents of brain science would like us to be. I really like that this book debunks a lot of the crap “science” out there relating to fMRI. The authors would have made a much better book if they would have provided the other perspective. The Enlightenment has left a wonderful legacy in the scientific method, but scientists do a grave disservice when they overreach their boundaries, and this is a prime example.

A very thought provoking work. But otherwise, a good read. Yet still mental states are not identical to the physical brain states. The Enlightenment has left a wonderful legacy in the scientific method, but scientists do a grave disservice when they xppeal The authors present exhaustive evidence to demonstrate that brain science is being applied inappropriately for all sorts of purposes, to name but a few: It zeductive just serve one function, but many, so a speculative interpretation is required.

You’ve seen the headlines: