Breitling Aerospace User Manual. (also available without graphics and in German with graphics or without graphics). 1. Introduction. Especially when it’s a watch as awesome as the Breitling Aerospace. If you misplaced your instruction manual, hopefully you will find this post and get the most. Breitling Aerospace Avantage ad: $80 Breitling Anleitung Manual Aerospace Avantage Co-pilot Other; Condition Good; Location: Germany, Halle Saale.

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of February 26th, 1. How to change the Language on my Aerospace Hi, I’m a newbie here so Hello to you all As usual with newbies, it is a question which has brought me here, although I think I’ll be around a while now I’m part of the club As a long term luster of Breitlings I never thought I’d get to own one, not just because of the cost of them but because I have small hands and wrists and the avnatage chrono watches are just too big to look real on my arm – much to the annoyance of one jeweller recently after I breitlkng half his Breitling stock on to see if I could wear one.

Anyhow, I was staggered to find a Breitling languishing in a back cabinet of a generic ‘watch shop’ recently and couldn’t believe my luck when it was not only beautiful but perfect, refurbished, smallish and titanium.

It gets even better – my fiancee said she would buy it for me as an engagement present if I wanted it because she knew I’d always lusted after a Breitling. So I am now the very proud avamtage of a Breitling Aerospace Navitimer with gold rider tabs and black strap.

Apart from the trip home I haven’t worn it in public yet despite greitling it since Friday. It will be a zvantage occasion when I do wear it though. Anyhow, I’m not just here to gloat, as I said earlier, I have a question; The instructions I found here on Watchuseek https: Mine doesn’t do this however. Can anyone tell me how to change the Language on an early c Aerospace Navitimer: February 26th, 2. How to change the Language on my Aerospace Im not sure if this will help but you can go thru the instruction here http: February 26th, 3.


User manuals

How to change the Language on my Aerospace Thanks for your quick response Rich. The document your link refers to has been very usefull in working out most of the functions of my watch, but sadly the way it says you change the Day and Language appears to be different to the way mine is working.

Aaerospace document says you go to the display showing the Day and Date and pull out the crown whereupon you will be shown the Day and Language Code.

You change this by rotating the crown bteitling you select the correct Day in the language required. Only mine doesn’t do this. If I go to the display showing the Day and Date and pull out the crown I get mankal display showing the letter S or it could be a 5 and the year. Rotating the crown only changes the year. So I suspect I just need to find what triggers the function for changing this as mentioned above – only I can’t find it.

I’ve seen chronos with the day on a sub dial on the face where the day notations are in French. I’m beginning to wonder if this was a fixed language setting on the early Aerospace Navitimers?

breitling aerospace manual Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. February 27th, 4. I actually quite enjoyed getting a picture of this and will have a go at getting something a bit more ‘arty’ later.

Last edited by Barreti; February 27th, at February 29th, 5. I’ll keep you posted. BTW, my watch did actually display 29th and VI today so I heaved a sigh of relief over that little hurdle being passed! Last edited by Barreti; February 29th, at February 29th, 6. How to change the Language on my Aerospace Hello Barreti. Originally Posted by Barreti. February 29th, 7. How to change the Language on my Aerospace.


Originally Posted by Pascal. You just have to rotate the crown to set the language. My advice is that you should carefully read the owner’s manual link once again because the Aerospace doesn’t display the year at all, you make a confusion somewhere. The advantage of not displaying the year is that the calendar will last forever, you just have to adjust it once every leap year, on feb29th.

It is clearly mentionned in the manual.

Have a nice day and wear your Breit in good health! February 29th, 8. Last edited by Pascal; February 29th, at February 29th, 9. How to change the Language on my Aerospace I know Pascal – I’m beginning to doubt my own sanity here, but honestly, I’m an IT Techie so this shouldn’t present any problem.

Breitling aerospace repetition minutes manual – Google Docs

To help understand here are views of the digital displays on my watch, moving from both being completely blank. Alarm Crown pulled out allows alarm time to be set. Maunal SP Crown pulled out does nothing. Chrono AD Crown pulled out does nothing. TimeZone 2 Crown pulled out allows setting of the manial HH: Countdown Timer Crown pulled out allows the default to be set. Pressing the crown activates the countdown timer using the default setting.

Pressing it again refreshes the timer value to default and begins the countdown again. MM flashing and avantag the Time to be set also moves the hands correspondingly and on pressing the crown back in the Seconds flash and pressing breitlng crown once resets Seconds to 00 and they stop flashing. Can you tell what is going on from this series of pictures? Phew, I’m worn out now. Thanks very much for your help: Correcting text on the last picture. February 29th, FR iday E nglish.

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