Valmiki, Vasistha and Yajnavalkya were propounders of Yoga system; the saints one and all were adepts in yoga. Yogavasistha is the greatest work of the. Project Gutenburg made electronic versions of the complete translation of Yoga Vasistha Maharamayana by V. L. Mitra available to the public. People who are interested in self-realization can also study the more comprehensive Brihat Yoga Vasistha book and the smaller one, Laghu Yoga Vasistha.

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Introduction Yogavasistha is known by several names e. We come across several commentaries on Yogavasistha. Freedom from births and deaths is freedom from all sorts of pain. You are in reality not bound. Timeline Chronology of Hindu texts. Actually these are the examples of sheer folly on the part of translators.

Yoga Vasishta Maha Ramayana free ebook on non-duality PDF

The Yoga Vasishtha deals with the subject of effecting union of the individual soul with the Supreme Soul amidst all the trials and tribulations of life. Yogavasistha is the greatest work of the Yoga-philosophy by Valmiki known by several briihat.

Again, thank you very much. It is long since out of print. The rest he left alone, but the clean-up work Jay did was considerable and carefully done. To know that, is to become That.


Atreya in suggested that the text must have yogz Gaudapada and Adi Shankarabecause it does not use their terminology, but does mention many Buddhist terms. It’s my third order and i’m very pleased with you.

Yoga Vasistha Maharamayana of Valmiki is printed in the U. Authority and meaning in Indian religions: The story of Lila. Verify the characters on the left From: Avsistha is unfortunate that this is at present the only complete bilingual version of YV.

The Yoga Vasishtha

Vasistha known as the wisest of sages puts forth in the first part the great question of the vanity of the world which is shown synthetically to a great length form the state of all living existences the instinct inclinations and passions of men the nature of their aims and objects with some discussions about destiny necessity activity and the state of the vasisfha and spirit. May you all taste the honey of vasstha of the Self! This work has six chapters known as prakaranas as under.

He is all pervading.

Gangadharendra wrote two bhasya on it. The old English usage sometimes takes its course I the translation in land vasistya the present editor has replaced all such usages by the modest terms available in English languages. Rishi Valmiki, the author of the Ramayana, compiled this remarkable book.

The text exists in many editions of manuscripts with varying number of verses, but similar message. Meditate on the pure, immortal, all-pervading Self or Atman. He has nothing to attain nor has he anything to give up. He added that he was around when the events described in the book took place.


All your doubts will vanish and all Karmas will perish. It greatly influenced the general philosophical thought. The name Vasistha in the title of the text refers to Rishi Vasistha. It sheds an ample good light on the time period of Rama social customs and Vasisths rituals prevalent by then. The Yoga Vasishta was once one of the most widely read books in India. The Yoga Vasishtha first enunciates a doctrine in its various aspects and then makes it very lucid through interesting nrihat. Moksha is freedom from all sorts of pains Sarva-Duhkha Nivritti and the attainment of supreme bliss Paramananda Prapti.

This is why he has written sattva as sottva, arghya as orghya, asattva as asuttva, etc. He has neither attractions nor attachments.

The Essence of Yoga Vasistha: Swamiji responded meditate and you will know the answer.