BS is the British standard developed by the BSI Group for technical product documentation, geometric product specification, geometric tolerance specification and engineering drawings. BS was formerly the standard for engineering drawing since Over a period of 73 years it was expanded and edited until. DownloadBs engineering drawing standards. – Rough are several new crafting stations Listening Zen Jukebox Bitterness By Vox Florida on Saturday. Engineering drawing practice (BS Part 1. ) [British Standards Institution] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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This British Standard supersedes BS Drawing conventions which applied to BS ‘2’3 in general also apply to the European Standards referenced in BS Most designers and engineers should have no difficulty in working to the new standards.

BS references standards covering all aspects of technical product documentation including:. An important difference between BS and BS is in the marking of the decimal place.

In BS the decimal place is indicated with a decimal point. In BS the decimal place is indicated with a comma with each group of three digits from the decimal provided with bs38 space e.


For manual drawings this is not really a problem. For Autocad drawings on a Windows based PC it is most convenient set the decimal point to display as a comma on the regional settings on the control panel This option is available if you set the Country to German or France.

The book is titled BIP Chapter 1 can be downloaded free This book is also obtained from Amazon ref. Engineering Drawing -ordered through this link, I get a small gift if you order from my website The book linked at the top of the page is an dtandards book with a greater range of information.

Drawing Standards

However I do notice that, in my earlier version, drawing examples still bbs308 the decimal point – The authors may have corrected this in the latest version. These standards contain the detailed requirements which must by met for claiming complience with BS The pages linked below include the majority of these standards.


The information on this page has not been checked by an independent person. Use this information at your own risk.

BS – Engineering drawing practice. Recommendations for general principles

These Pages include various standards. The current edition is BS BS references standards covering all aspects of technical product documentation including: Tolerancing and dimensioning kit Computer aided engineering kit Design Management Added Standards in Links Providing information on Drawing Draughstman.

For access to document on geometrical tolerancing and on measuring principles The Design Process A review of the drawint process including drawing examples. Not BS Drawing Tools Notes on Drawing using CoralDraw Cadalot Lots of Advice and Lessons from a Drawing expert Metrication.

Information on metric drawing and other metric subjects Kelsey Park School-symbols. A UK school website with electrical symbols openpdf BS A site with lots of useful downloadable documents.