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You can make puzzles, structures, games, patterns, shapes, and even stick stuff to the fridge with BuckyBalls. Most Buckyball shapes contain an inner structure of smaller shapes that combine to form the larger figure.

Repeat Step 5 three more times for a total of four large triangles.

Buckyballs Tricks : how to make a pyramid with Buckyballs

Jishaku Magnetic Board Game. The page book is packed with tips, tricks, inspiring photos from master BuckyBallers, and step-by-step instruction. In addition to the “play” factor of BuckyBalls, don’t forget about their super-usefulness.

Log in Contact Us. Overview Check out our replacement for BuckyBalls! Find more Buckyballs tricks from this Buckyballs blog. Each full size set includes rare earth BuckyBall magnets.

Pinch three of the magnetic balls in the circle together with your thumb and forefinger, forming a point. Available in several styles including black and gold!


Please excuse the shameless cross promotions!

BuckyBalls Rare Earth Magnetic Desktoy

Therefore, tridks cannot accept any new burning questions. When all the points and sides snaps together successfully, the result is a four-sided Buckyballs pyramid. Repeat Steps 2 through 3 until you have 16 triangles total. Available in several styles: This completes the triangle. You can even play “darts” on your refrigerator. A single BuckyBall is strong enough to hold a half-pound wrench.

The full size sets magnets are available in the “original” nickel as well as two “executive” editions: Q-Man Mini Flexible Magnets. Not sure where to begin with your fresh set of BuckyBalls?

Break off nine magnetic balls, and attach the two ends to form a ring. Sorry, but this item is no longer available for purchase. So, feel free to use a few of the magnets in your BuckyBalls cube to hold some papers to a filing cabinet or stick a photo on the fridge — BuckyBalls can handle the load.


The “original” BuckyBalls both full size and Sidekick feature nickel plating and appear silver in hue. Using BuckyBalls, you can create fun and interesting designs. There are pcs magnetic balls in one set of original Buckyballs. Your email address will not be published.

Buckyballs Tricks Archives – Buckyballs Magnets

Each set of BuckyBalls comes with a free plastic carrying case. This forms a base for the larger triangle. Check out the short demo videos below to see a few of the designs and structures you can create with BuckyBalls.

Magnetic Thinking Putty Thinking putty with mind-blowing magnetic properties. BuckyBalls are available in two sizes: Make classic shapes, such as spheres and pyramids from Buckyballs.