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Advanced Search Find a Library. But if the intention is to take it from one generation to another, then it is only Buddhism will succeed, but not Buddha Dhamma. You too can go there and get it verified that this Vajrasana is permanently fixed to the root base of the Bodhi tree in a way that no one can shake out, change or destroy it.

But later dharmays was considered as a historical text. These members of the royal family who are related to King Ashoka in blood escaped from him by the fear of the war. Mapalagama Siri Somissara Find more information about: Buddhz day, the people in the world learnt Buddha Dhamma from this place called Rajagala. But, the thousands of legendry ruins discovered from this area prove that it had been so rich and glorious in the ancient times.

This can be seen even to this date. The size of the site expanded to an acre: The name field is required. It seems that it is covered by the thick jungle and extinct today.

And people used to go on pilgrimages to these places. From that day onwards these sacred relics were revered by the people in Helabima. That created the back ground for the establishment of the idea that Buddhism was taken to Lanka from India.

Find a copy in the library Finding libraries that hold this item In this same cave a pair of sacred footprints of Buddha which were blessed by Buddha himself was placed and worshipping of them buddua started in that period itself.

It is not possible to decide the period of the beginning of the writing of these Atamasthanabut the names of the places which were worshipped in the respective eras are taken into paragraphs and are written them down.

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These sacred footprints endowed with amazing symbols. They created and modified the history and forced us to accept it as our history.

These sacred feet of Buddha and other ruins belong to the reign of ancient Sakyans. They made a request from Ananda Theroas he was the main attendant of Buddha, to set dharmaaya any object of Buddha in Jethawanarama monastery to pay their homage especially in the absence of the Buddha.

It was because Gautama Buddha was born in this Buddhqthe island. After the beginning of worshipping of Buddha statues, paying homage to the sacred footprint of Buddha placed in the Peak of Samanala Mountain in to being. No anyone genuinely made any attempt to find out the truth.

These ruins and information discovered are attached to a well developed city and date back to the post -period of the reign of King Devanampiyathissai.

It is because these sacred relics were enshrined in golden caskets. The ruins of Raja Maha Vihara in Budugala. Today, the Department of Archeology has started the excavation in a very small area of ten acres and had discovered some archeological properties.

Other Buddha Images & Gatha’s

It is very clear that the kings of the Sakkassa Dynasty who reigned that area in the past had built a special Vihara in memory of the birth of Sidduhath and had paid their homage to that Vihara. Accordingly, the name Siril ak Bima too was used for this Helabima.

Now, we need to find out the main reasons for the total destruction of this well advanced dharmayw. But they did not disclose them to the world. They were discovered from the regions which came under the ancient kingdom of Kasi and now they are identified as the ruins of Buddhist monasteries.

This Vihara was used for worshipping and this place was popular as one of the places of Atamasthna in the past. An inconceivably long space of time. Piriven is a monastic college similar to a seminary for the education of Buddhist priests in Sri Lanka. Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: We need to draw our attention on the research information presented by different archeologists and other researchers from different countries in the west.


This was dharmay as the Indasaala cave with the help of a rock-cut inscription found in this cave. There are locations where the sacred footprint has been placed as a pair and in another place it has been placed as one single sacred footprint.

Mary Martin Booksellers- 2 Gesarniya : Buddha Dharmaya – Dhisanayaka, Prem

Based on the available ruins of the paintings it is proved even to this date that this cave had been adorned in buddah way then Buddha could spend his rainy season there.

In the past, the people in Greece had a practice of sculpturing a statue of god Apollo and worshipping it. There is a very peculiar line of banyan trees stretching to the east side of the Arahant Guhait buddba actually a massive banyan tree which has covered a large area. Your Web browser is not enabled for JavaScript. Even to this date there are many persons of this nature.

Buddha dharmaya.

Even during the time that Buddha lived in this Helabimathe people in the Buddhist world had a practice of worshipping Atamasthana. The lands were covered with flood and no one could travel. A well with everlasting supply of water is also situated there. Buddha statue wearing necklaces, Buddha statue wearing pleated soft clothing, Buddha statues with decorated heads etc are the influences from the concepts of religions of gods. That is in Rajagala in Ampara. That is the story of paying homage to the offshoot of the sacred Jaya Siri Maha Bodhi in Naalowathe world of Naa tribe, before it was taken in procession to Anuradhapura.

Raajaawaliya was written during the Kadyan period.