Business Logistics/supply Chain Management: Planning, Organizing, and Controlling the Supply Chain. Front Cover. Ronald H. Ballou. Pearson/Prentice Hall. Business Logistics/Supply Chain Management, 5/E (With Cd). Front Cover. Ronald H. Ballou. Pearson Education, – Business logistics – pages. Business Logistics/Supply Chain Management and Logware CD Package, 5th Edition. Ronald H. Ballou, Case Western Reserve University. © |Pearson.

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Complete Hardware Supply, Inc…. Superior Medical Equipment Company……………… If the questions or problems are for discussion or they involve a substantial amount of individual judgment, they have not been included.

Solutions to the cases and exercises in the text are also included. These generally require computer assistance for solution. With the text, you are provided with a collection of software programs, called LOGWARE, that assist in the solution of the problems, cases, and exercises in the text. This permission is granted as long as the use of the software is for educational purposes.


Business Logistics Management (5th Edition) – Livros na Amazon Brasil-

If you encounter difficulty with the software, direct questions to Professor Ronald H. To know whether domestic or foreign production is least expensive, the total of production and distribution costs must be computed from y source point to the marketplace. Two alternatives are suggested, and they can be compared as follows.

Whether the incentive rate should be implemented depends on the shipment size corresponding to the rnald of the sum of transportation, inven- tory, and order processing costs. These costs are determined for various shipping quantities that might be selected to cover the range of shipment sizes implied in the problem.

Table gives a summary of the costs to Monarch for various shipment sizes. From Monarch’s point of view, the incentive rate would be beneficial.

Business Logistics/Supply Chain Management and Logware CD Package, 5th Edition

Shipment sizes should be approximately doubled so that the 40, lb. It is important to note that the individual cost elements are not necessarily at a minimum at low shipment sizes, whereas order-processing costs are low at high shipment sizes.


They are buwiness cost conflict with each other. Transportation costs are low at high shipment sizes, but exact costs depend on the minimum volume for which the rate is quoted.

instructors manual for business logistics supply chain management by ronaldh

In preparation for a broader planning perspective to be considered later in the text, the student might be asked what the place of the supplier is in this decision. How does he affect the decision, and how is he affected by it? This will focus the student’s attention maagement the broader issues of the physical distribution channel.