[EBOOKS] Canon Cfx L Fax Service Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Canon Cfx. [READ] Canon Cfx L Fax Parts Manual EBooks. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online. Canon CFX-L, this fax machine is not pulling the paper up the “back . This fax is used by our dispatch and he manually dials a number.

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The telephone company also retains the right to make changes in facilities and services which may affect the operation of this equip- ment. It also explains how to get the most from the documents that come with the CFX-L, and gives important safety in- cfx-l400. To gain the most benefit from all the new features, be sure to refer to this manual when you are not sure how to perform a task. If you still have questions about how to use your CFX-L, feel free to contact your authorized Canon Facsimile Dealer’s manuxl or service representative.

They will be glad to answer your questions. Conventions This manual uses the following type conventions to emphasize information: Warnings tell you how to avoid actions that could injure you or others nearby. Warning Cautions tell you how to avoid actions that could damage your equipment.

If you think your fax needs service, only an authorized Canon Fac- simile Service Dealer will do warranty service. You must have your sales receipt for warranty service.


Never attempt to disassemble the unit: Take your fax to your local authorized Canon Facsimile Service Dealer for all service. Unplug the fax from the wall outlet and refer servicing to your local authorized Canon Facsimile Service Dealer under the following Note conditions: Started Getting This chapter tells you how to unpack your Canon CFX-L and get it ready to send, receive, and print documents, and how to enter the user information.

Set the fax on a flat, sturdy, vibration-free surface. Make sure that the output tray and document support for ADF rest back. Front Cover – – – – – – – – ‘ Release Latch Opens the front part of the fax to Power Connector remove paper jams or to select paper delivery.

Displays selec- tions, text, and names when registering information. If the connector does not fit the jack or does not seat properly, contact your local Canon authorized service representative or tele- Note phone company to have the correct connector installed.

Connect the end olthe extension phone or answering machine cord to the jack marked If the connector does not fit the jack or does not seat properly, contact your local Canon authorized service representative or tele- Note phone company to have the correct connector installed.

Note Once you finish setting up your fax, you are ready to power it up. Follow these guidelines when connecting your fax to a power source: When connecting the fax for the first time, the date display alternates with the following message: If the drum surface is exposed to light and damaged, print quality may deteriorate. The procedure below explains how to install the cartridge for the first time, and how to replace it when the toner runs out.


You may need to repack and transport it in the future. Gently rock the cartridge from side to side five or six times. Place the cartridge on a flat, clean surface, and steady it with one hand. Gently slide the cartridge down and back and push firmly until it clicks into position. Other- wise the fax won’t operate properly.

Exposure to light can damage the drum surface. Remove the paper cassette being careful not to drop it as you pull it out. Be sure to remove the paper cassette completely before loading paper. For Legal-size paper For Letter-size paper Before loading the paper, fan it and then stack it so that the leading The cassette can hold about sheets of standard paper.

Then close it and try reinserting the paper cassette. Remove any documents or printed paper from the manuql. Do not open the operation panel for this Note procedure. This will allow the printed pages to come out without blocking the face-up delivery slot.

Faxes canln after this message is displayed will be stored in memory. So, you need to enter this information now, before you begin using your fax. Press 5 four more times. The letter k appears in the display.

For example, you would enter AA like this: This information is called your TTl Transmit Terminal Identification and appears at the top of the faxed document in small type. Enter your name or yd if’ company characters-using the numeric buttons.

Press SET, then use the search buttons to select rotary pulse or touch tone. This section describes the types of documents you can fax, two ways To prevent paper jams in the automatic document feeder ADFmake sure not to use any of the following with the fax: The white area in the illustration below shows the area the fax can scan on a US-Letter size 8. If your document is longer than this, you can add more pages to the automatic document feeder ADF while the fax is being sent see”Adding Pages During Transmission” later in this section.

Slide the paper guides to fit the width of the document. This is useful when the other party uses one phone line for both voice and fax transactions. If you press the STOP button while the fax is waiting to redial, the display will be deleted, but the transmission will not be canceled. Note Follow the procedure on page”Deleting a Stored Fax from Memory” to cancel the transmisson.

Messages Displayed During Sending’,: When the fax sends a document, the following messages are dis- played. These messages allow you to see the progress of the trans- mission and know when it has been completed. Messages during memory sending Message displayed when,thefax is scanning the document to be sent. You can change these settings by following the procedure on the next page.

Canon CFX-L Fax | FixYourOwnPrinter

Setting Up Redialing You can set cano the following for automatic redialing: Resends all the document pages. Resolution The fax has two resolutions: It allows the fastest document transmission. See “Using the Fax with an Answering Machine” below for more information.

Answering machine receiving mode will not work properly if you do not have an answering machine hooked up to your fax. This is the default setting.

Canon CFX-L4000 Manuals

SET, this is how many seconds the fax rings while waiting for someone to pick up the handset. Press then use the search buttons to display 3. Replace the handset in its cradle.


If the fax’s handset is not properly seated, the off-hook alarm will sound and the fax will not be received. The alarm stops when the handset is placed correctly in its cradle. Leave a 4-second pause at the beginning of the message the 4- second pause plus the outgoing message should not exceed a total of 15 seconds.

Memury When the fax unit is receiving a fax, it automatically stores unprinted pages in memory if: The fax will print a reception report RX Report if it has been set to do so. Press SET twice, then’ the numeric bUttons store the name that goes with the number. See page for details on entering letters. Press SET twice, then use the numeric buttons to store the name that goes with the number.

Canon CFX-L4000 Fax

You may want to print a list of the numbers and names you store under the Coded Speed Dial codes, and post the list near the fax. Press SET twice, then use the manula buttons to enter a name for the group.

Place ,anual document face down on the automatic document feeder ADFand gently insert it until it stops. Using the numeric buttons to enter one destination only. Be sure to press after entering the number.

Dialing Through a Switchboard private branch exc!: Each janual adds two seconds to the length of the pause. See page A-6, Note for details on manusl the setting. Once you know the transaction number of a fax in memory, you can print the fax, send it to another location, or delete it. If you get an error or busy signal when sending a fax from memory, for example, you can send it to another destination without having to scan it again.

To make the best use of the fax’s memory backup, avoid turning the fax off unless absolutely necessary. The backup battery recharges while the fax is powered on, and takes 15 minutes cajon recharge fully. If the sender is using a Canon fax machine which has the Polling 10 function, ask him to set the Manuall 10 of his fax to Note binary number.

This lets you take advantage of many services that require tones, such as selecting options from telephone “touch-line” Printing a List of Use the following procedure to print a list of the data registered in the fax.

Do not use thinner, benzene, alcohol, or other organic solvents to clean the fax, or you can discolor mamual or cause it to malfunction. Caution Plug the fax back in. To prevent toner powder and paper dust from accumulating and affecting the quality of the fax’s printing, clean the inside of the fax periodically as follows: When you unplug the fax, be sure to plug it in again as soon as possible: If the document scanning glass and rollers are dirty, the documents you send or print will be dirty, too.

Use a soft, dry clean cloth to wipe up paper dust around the rollers.