The Evolution of Civilizations has ratings and 22 reviews. Carroll Quigley was a legendary teacher at the Georgetown School of Foreign Service. The Evolution of Civilizations, Historical Analysis Preface to the First Edition his book is not a history. Rather it is an attempt to es- tablish. The Evolution of Civilizations – An Introduction to Historical Analysis (). by Carroll Identifier CarrollQuigley-TheEvolutionOfCivilizations-.

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Zo verhelderend waar het verheldert. There are no discussion topics on evoluion book quiglet. He goes into how institutions are formed and why they cease to serve their original purpose. Now this book was written some time ago. Any sophisticated historian should be aware of the principles he uses and should be explicit to his readers about these.

It would have been interesting to get his view on how the internet has impacted and morphed society through all of the potentialities and if the connected world will alter the trajectory of failure the US must inevitably follow. However, Quigley also got picked up by some conservative advocacy groups, which I think hurt his reputation among mainstream historians. Het gaat feitelijk verder dan de slager die zijn eigen civiizations keurt.

To them the facts of history are relatively few and are simply arranged. This work is quigleu wide in scope and narrow at the same time. This period also introduced new weapons that could be obtained by the majority of society, which meant that dynastic states enforcing allegiance by might had to be replaced by nation states wielding allegiance by nationalistic feelings.

The Evolution of Civilizations | Liberty Fund

Oct 11, David rated it liked it. The author mackes some mistakes, wich I ascribe to the curent level of knowlwdge and data of that period and a little ti his bias. Although, I would urge that if you are not good at analysis, you might want to get some extra understand about Quigley and his perspective.


Oct 12, Tj Connor rated it it was amazing. Quigley voert het katholieke geloof bijvoorbeeld op de perfecte synthese van het wereldse en het spirituele, van lichaam en geest, empirisme en rationalisme, individu tye samenleving, en meer dualiteiten.

The Evolution of Civilizations: An Introduction to Historical Analysis

His 7 stages are not to be seen as dogmatig phases, but rather as general tendencies, just like in economics, he argues that what he offers is a framework for the student of history to increase understanding out of knowledge.

Mile Milisavljevic icvilizations it it was amazing Sep 12, This is what I wrote to my former history professor: For Western Civilization, three stages of expansion are identified: I would advise anyone to read any of his books. Like the ice ages and the movements of people acourding to the four ice ages.

Such a principle is a tool of historical analysis. Most of this work is a basic, sweeping account of history, with passing examples Quigley uses to illustrate his seven stages of civilization. He then tests those hypotheses by a detailed analysis of five major civilizations: But it should require only a moment’s thought to recognize that the facts of the past are infinite, and the pos- sible arrangements of civillizations selection from these facts are equally numerous.

Want to Read saving…. Uploaded by kaprikious on December 2, Mixture Gestation Expansion Age of conflict Universal Empire Decay Invasion A requirement for expansion is the accumulation of capital by a group or organization that can invest in expansion, a feature which strictly egalitarian societies lack.

You know how if you drink too much coffee, and you read about world affairs, the tendency is to become overwhelmingly horrified at the complexity and indications of what you’re reading?

Paperbackpages. Oct 14, Octave Boussaton rated it it was amazing. Cleon Ro rated it it was amazing Sep 09, Hij stelt het niet voor alsof deze ontwikkeling eenvoudige is – integendeel: May 14, Lasse Birk Olesen rated it it was amazing.


Er is, met andere woorden, erg veel aan te merken op het boek – en dus niet alleen kleinigheden.

If you want to know more, click here. Quigley begint vervolgens bij de basis, namelijk met het uitleggen van de wetenschappelijke methode, en bouwt vanaf deze grond een theorie op over de ontwikkeling van de geschiedenis die op het svolution gezicht best overtuigend lijkt. His course on the history of civilization was extraordinary evolutiln its scope and in its impact on students. De theorie wordt op een briljante manier opgezet. Is the US on the inevitable decline due to the institutionalization of the instrument of expansion leading to a unmotivated populous?

Carroll Quigley – Wikiquote

This hase nothing to do with Marxist scientific interpretation of history! In this book, the focal point is civilizations – about a broad a unit as you can get. He uses the core concept of how societies are formed on the wave of an “instrument of ex Upon researching the Cold War I came across a recommendation to study Quigley’s “Tragedy and Hope” as a means for understanding the mechanism that drove the Cold War.

He explains historical analysis. Thus the start of the Age of conflict. Our history through this f Views societal changes based on the human potentialities of Military, political, economic, social, religious, and intellectual perspectives. Quigley examines the application of scientific method to the social sciences, then establishes his historical hypotheses.

Sorry civiilizations the low rating. THE book to read on historical analysis. Rowdy rated it it was amazing Apr 11, En toch is het theoretische deel het beste van het boek. His course on the history of civilization was extraordinary in its scope and in its impact on students. Age of conflict 5. Dec 31, Sam Motes rated it it was amazing.