The Caterpillar G is a hydraulic front end loader manufactured by Caterpillar Inc. The G, with hp of net flywheel power at rpm, it is classified as. Caterpillar page with technical information, dealers and offering new and used heavy machinery. Mini excavators, crawler excavators, Wheeled excavators. Cat Social. Cat Social???CATPCC_Footer_catsocial??? Facebook · LinkedIn · YouTube · Google Plus · Twitter · Instagram · All Social Media Accounts.

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According to Caterpillar, the new system is stronger and smoother than that of the IT28G, and its design saves fuel.

I would assume, too, that its parallel linkage would make it good at handling forks and attachments. Maximum Net Power – rpm. The G is equipped with a load-sensing hydraulic system that uses a variable-displacement pump.

He said no, but now that we had planted the idea, he might try it. Jim, did you corner-load the bucket to see if it twists 390g the end of that single boom arm? Hook Height at Max Lift – Standard. Dump Clearance at Maximum Lift – 45 degrees. I’ve been on some new loaders recently that seem a little weak in boom lift.

See Integrated Tool Carrier for sale on ironplanet. We asked him to experiment with the new system, which can be switched on and off, and can be programmed to activate at varying points in the brake-application cycle.

O Hook Reach at Max Lift – extended. I never had to wait on the boom. Three Questions with Michel Marchand. Local instructor, Jim Minyard, was our operator for the evaluation.


It’s as if Caterpillar expects this new model to do double-duty—that is, to work as a conventional wheel loader in that space between the G and G, yet meet the requirements of buyers needing a tool carrier in that size class. Length with out Forks on Ground. Steering Cylinder, Two, Bore. N Hook Reach at Max Lift – standard. Find Local Dealer Stores. Operating Weight lb. Lower, Empty, Float Down. This setting could be advantageous, says Caterpillar, for controlling rollback when charging a hopper from a steep ramp.

Rack Back Angle – Maximum Lift. Sign In Create Account. We were curious to get Minyard’s initial impressions of the machine, and asked if any of its features stood out in his short time at the controls. Height – Top of Exhaust Stack.

Hook Reach at Max Lift – Standard. It has a single, 930y boom arm, centered on the machine’s front frame, together with an eight-bar, parallel-lift linkage.

The new model, says Caterpillar, functions efficiently as both a tool-carrier and conventional loader. Dump Angle at Maximum Lift. Bucket Capacity – heaped. For instance, set at vat high pressure, say psi, the transmission would not disconnect until the brakes were nearly full on and, conversely, would reconnect quickly as the brakes were released. There are situations where you’d want the machine to roll a bit with the transmission disconnected—for instance, to bring up engine speed for faster hydraulics.

It has a lot of power on grades, and the ride-control makes a real difference.

Caterpillar 930G

M Hook Height at Max Lift – extended. Save to my equipment Save time and remove the hassle – enter your equipment information once and then save it for future use.


Hydraulic System – Including Tank. Save time and remove the hassle – enter your equipment information once and then save it for future use. The G’s most distinctive feature is its single, fabricated boom arm. Rack Back Angle – Ground.

G | Cat® Parts Store

Please enter a unique identifier for your equipment. An optional high-lift boom increases dump height by 17 percent. Hinge Pin Max Height. ISO 1.

Caterpillar G – Wikipedia

Height to Top of Cab. Overall Height – Bucket Raised. Minyard had worked the G a bit before we arrived on the day of the evaluation, so we asked the obvious first question: Console switches include those for a throttle-lock, which functions much like an automotive cruise-control system when using attachments such as a trencher, profiler or snow blower. ISO 2. Sorry, the system is not able to save your equipment at this time.

Sight lines are good. Minyard then took the new loader out to local ‘s acre site for some routine bucket work, and we asked him to experiment with the machine’s dual-mode steering system. Final price, including GST, and freight if applicablewill be displayed on the order confirmation page prior to placing the order, where GST will be shown a total invoice approach. According to Caterpillar, the efficiency of the machine’s load-sensing steering system makes more power available for tractive effort.

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