CCAutoSoft is a special designed software for internet cafe, cyber cafe, netcafe and cafe internet where this program has full control in billing, managing and. Currently, CCAutoSoft support 4 categories of usage rate (manual). 1. Flat Rate ( FR). There is no minimum charge in this category. So, a customer will be. In the user’s manual we try to help you to understand how to use this CCAutoSoft can totally disable the keyboard and mouse while the.

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Once open, click Register Later to close registration form. It helps to keep track of daily cacutosoft about progress of the running projects in the company and also helps higher management to evaluate the team member’s performance.

Easily backup your database and configuration files manually or automatically. Winlock Professional is a staggeringly complete program designed to prevent prying eyes from modifying, viewing or configuring elements of your computer that you would prefer them to leave ccautosof.

Thanks for your excellent job! Now I can install other antivirus now. In fact, there are so many areas to configure that at first I had problems imagining who would ,anual to use a program like Winlock Professional.

Mouse Gestures Got a big screen and tired of accurate clicks? Almost every aspect of Winlock Professional is configurable, from the way you are notified of changes to what appears in the start menu and which drives you want to hide.

You can import the cost of a meal from Meal Ingredients or enter the cost manually. Are you searching for an effective solution to thoroughly get rid of it off your PC? Computers can be limited with specified time and quota per session, day time when access is allowed and set to logout after inactivity. Secure your data and actions providing your customers and employees with different security roles.


Also, we will add more useful guides and articles about the software and the internet cafe. You are my life saver! As it’s known to most of computer users, the most common way to uninstall a program is via Add or Remove Programs. Install and launch the Uninstaller on the PC. Software for Restaurants 5. A third party uninstaller can automatically help you uninstall any unwanted programs and completely remove all of its files and free up your hard disk space.

The program is also suitable for home use, but if you need it in the privacy of your own house, you should ask yourself a question – why am you letting people you trust so little use your computer?! You can also choose to be informed whenever there is an update to the RSS. You guys are life saver!

A powerful third-party uninstaller can. Embed this content in your HTML. Delete CCAutoClient folde manually. Registration is not needed from version 3.

Client’s password is “admin”. Keep track of the Internet websites and pages a customer opens on your cyber cafe terminal.

Download iCafe Manager 4 in Softonic. Only administrator can uninstall CCAutoClient 3.

It gives tremendous flexibility and power to manage all computers effectively. There are many methods to uninstall the program, please see below:. If some files and components of the program are still left in the system, that means the program is not completely removed and uninstalled. All of these actions, and many more, are easily and quickly achieved with Winlock. Here, you will learn how to correctly and completely remove CCAutoSoft 3.

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Download ccautosoft download | Anthony’s blog

You have come to the right place and you will be able to uninstall CCAutoSoft 3. So what would you need Winlock for? Even if the Winlock Professional user is not an expert, they should have no problem.


Organize a chat between operator and customers. Browse a terminal screenshot, task manager and volume control.

Uninstalled!CCAutoSoft Completely Removed

Friendly cyber cafe software with a complete set of features for cyber cafe management: Ccauutosoft cafe software 6.

Hello there is it posible to run ccautosoft offline I am running Gam Then change back to Standard account after installation finish. Do you fail to install the updated version or other program after uninstalling CCAutoSoft? Click Install to begin install. Configuration – for first time use or testing purpose 1.

Download i cafe manager software free download for Windows – Free subscription and downloads for your favorite programs. I’m a software reviewer and I need to install and uninstall too many programs every time.

It’s an all-round winner. Easy deployment on any standard PC with two network cards.

i cafe manager software free download for Windows – Softonic Search

Some invalid files may be left in system registry and folders. Sysme Tpv stands out as a very powerful but extremely easy to use application.

All of these actions, and many more, are easily and quickly achieved with Winlock Professional. CCAutoSoft has the capabality to monitor and control a LAN connected computer such as take a look at remote screen, take control of terminal volume control and terminating a running application.

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