Looking for Alaska is John Green’s first novel, published in March by Dutton Juvenile. It won the Michael L. Printz Award from the American Library. Buy Cercando Alaska by John Green, L. Celi from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction. Buy Cercando Alaska by John Green, L. Celi (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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Green defended his book in his vlogVlogbrothers.

Cercando Alaska

Retrieved May 10, On May 9,it was announced that Hulu would be adapting the novel into an 8-episode limited series. Starnes, to save herself from being punished. Pudge realizes that letting her go doesn’t matter as much anymore. McCaughrean — The White Darkness Na — A Step From Heaven He concludes that the labyrinth was a person’s suffering and that humans must try to find their way out. They later learn that Alaska has crashed her car and died.

Almond — Kit’s Wilderness LaCour — We Are Okay. However, Alaska later admits that she told on Marya and Paul to the gteen, Mr. In AugustGreen acknowledged that the extinguished candle on the cover leads to “an improbable amount of smoke”, and explained that the initial cover design did not feature the candle.

Cercando Alaska : John Green :

Takumi claims that they are innocent because their friend Marya was also expelled during the incident. The Jihn York Times. Printz Winners and Honor Books”.

The book was ultimately kept in the curriculum by the school board after a unanimous school board vote with the stipulation that the teachers of the 11th grade class give the parents a decision to have their children read an alternate book.


Unfortunately, Pudge and Lara alaskw a disastrous date, ending with a concussed Pudge throwing up on Lara. Book reviews often note this theme, bringing up the instances in the book such as grief that cause the characters to look at life from a new and more mature perspective.

Pudge and Colonel want to find out the answers to certain questions surrounding Alaska’s death, but in reality, they are enduring their own labyrinths of suffering, a concept central to the novel.

An Interview with John Green. In MarchThe Knoxville Journal reported that a parent of a year-old Karns High School student objected to the book’s placement on the Honors and Advanced Placement classes’ required reading lists for Knox County high schools on the grounds that its sex scene and its use of profanity rendered it pornography.

Looking for Alaska – Wikipedia

Gredn from the original on Retrieved 7 December Hyde’s theology class where he discusses the similarity of the idea of hope between the founding figures of Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. It won the Michael L. There is much tension between Pudge’s friends and the Weekday Warriors because of Paul’s expulsion.

Questions about Writing and Inspiration”.

Archived from the original on 22 June The Colonel insists on questioning Jake, her boyfriend, but Pudge refuses, fearing that he might learn that Alaska never loved him. Hyde poses a question to his class about the meaning of life, Pudge takes this opportunity to write about it as a labyrinth of suffering.

Myers — Monster Green defends the inclusion of the oral sex scene in Looking for Alaska stating, “The whole reason that scene in question exists in Looking for Alaska is because I wanted to draw a contrast between that scene, when there is a lot of physical intimacy, but it is ultimately very emotionally empty, and the scene that immediately follows it, when there is not a serious physical interaction, but there’s this intense emotional connection.


When Alaska dies unexpectedly, the repercussions in the lives of her friends are significant, especially for Pudge and the Colonel. Green said that certain book chains were uncomfortable with displaying or selling a book with a cover that featured cigarette smoke, so the candle was added beneath the smoke. The film rights to the novel were acquired by Paramount Pictures in One parent still insisted on getting the book banned and filed a Request for Reconsideration on the basis that Looking For Alaska would tempt students to experiment with drugs, alcohol, and sex despite the decisions made after the challenge.

Lake — In Darkness Bray — Going Bovine He remembers Alaska died on the morning after the anniversary of her mother’s death and concludes that Alaska felt guilty for not visiting her mother’s grave and, in her rush, might have been trying to reach the cemetery. Literary scholar Barb Dean analyzes Pudge and the Colonel’s quest for answers as they venture into finding deeper meaning in life.

Dean notes that Green has said allaska he writes fiction in order to “‘keep that fragile strand of radical hope [alive], to build a fire in the darkness. They argue and the Colonel accuses Pudge of only loving an idealized Alaska that Pudge made up in his head. Hyde slaska asks the class what their call for hope is, and Pudge decides his is his escape of his personal labyrinth of suffering.