Chartek Application Manual. International Paint Ltd. ational-pc. com. Fire protection performance and pre-fire durability are. Chartek is lightweight, robust and provides excellent corrosion Chartek system makes it suitable for a wide range of fire protection uses from. Over 30 years track record and experience, backed up by International Paint Ltd CHARTEK • Advanced Chartek technology, qualified by Underwriters.

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This results in reduced onsite application time which in turn minimizes costs.

Fully certified and tested Chartek also has the following approvals: International Protective Coatings has used its best endeavors to ensure that the information contained in this publication is correct at the time of printing. Chartek is ideal for the protection of onshore structural steel assets from the effects of hydrocarbon pool fires.


Cryogenic spill protection A duplex system of Chartek with Intertherm provides both 11709 protection and insulation that prevents brittle fracture of steel in the event of a cryogenic liquid e.

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Chartek® – Protective Coatings | International Paint

International Paint can supply sales and technical support in all regions of the world. Chartek increases the time before any major maintenance is needed. The system offers resistance to cryogenic liquid spills, splashes and fog without significant detriment to fire protection.

Unless otherwise agreed by us in writing, any contract to purchase products referred to in this brochure and any advice which we give in connection with the supply of products are subject to our standard conditions of sale. Hcartek consult product application guidelines for further details.

Chartek is easy to apply: When I Survey the Wondrous Cross. Long term corrosion protection Chartek has extremely low water absorption and as a result significantly reduces the corrosion rate of steel under fire proofing that can compromise steel load bearing capacity. Trauma and outside OR.


The duplex system has been approved by an independent third party to provide fire protection after immersion in cryogenic liquid. World leading service Chartek charrtek manufactured globally in our wholly owned factories in Europe, America and Asia.

Chartek is quick and easy to install by means of airless spray, trowel or casting techniques greatly enhancing project efficiency. This means that not only can it be moved within charhek hours but also means it is damage resistant during transportation and construction. Please contact your local International Protective Coatings representative if you have any questions.