Chris Hedges charts the rise of the US Christian right in American Fascists, says Nicholas Lezard. American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America. Chris Hedges, Author. Free Press $25 (p) ISBN American Fascists by Chris Hedges – Twenty-five years ago, when Pat Robertson and other radio and televangelists first spoke of the United States becoming a.

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This book stirred up so many emotions in me. Before Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise, all of the dinosaurs were peaceable plant eaters. God help us all if these loons ever get their way. If a hate group calls itself for example ” Westboro Baptist Church” then they have the right to do that and to spout what they will.

It, fascitss, makes us feel good. Some may say they already have; George W Bush’s links with these people are well established, and receive another americam here.

And it has not tried to transform government, as well as all other secular institutions, into extensions of the church. We face an imminent threat.

The movement’s yearning for apocalyptic violence and its assault on dispassionate, intellectual inquiry are laying the foundation for a new, frightening America. The author argues the Bush administration is diverting funds to faith-based organizations and in effect bankrolling churches and organizations seeking to dismantle American democracy and a,erican a theocratic state.

In my youth it was “The Communists”. I want to learn the truth not the truth according to Pat Robertson or other wacko like him.

The world is to be subdued and ruled by a Christian United States. Skip to main content.

American Fascists

One reason that fundamentalists oppose hate-crime legislation, Hedges says, is that, if passed, it would inhibit them from spewing hate toward homosexuals and other enemies of God in their programming. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In short, the movement is not yet revolutionary.

The local churches are obsessed heddges what they view as the imminent apocalypse of Revelation. Hedges, an experienced foreign correspondent and author of War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning, a gimlet-eyed look at how our nobler impulses are corrupted in order to condition us to slaughter, has looked at the rise of the Christian right and found in it a political agenda with disastrous implications for the future of liberty in America.


The Christian Right, like these early fascist movements, does not openly call maerican dictatorship, nor does it use physical violence to suppress opposition. America is a nation where all have a voice in how we live and how we are governed. Citing a plethora of anecdotal evidence — which, I feel, both makes his thesis of Christo-fascism increasingly terrifying, yet also manages to come off as patently absurd — Hedges tells a tale of a vocal minority of Christians actively working to dominate and oppress those they disagree with; their ultimate goal, he claims, is the eventual destruction of the tolerance and democratic values of our open society.

Sorry, didn’t mean this to become a rant, but.

A group of religious utopians, with the sympathy and support of millions of Americans, are slowly dismantling democratic institutions to establish a religious tyranny, the springboard to an American fascism. Fadcists expands the void, the mindlessness that makes the magic, mythology, and irrationality of the Christian Right palatable.

They are tainted with the despised characteristics inherent in the godless. In this case, I not only disagree with the book’s conclusions however, I disagree with it’s methods. He was in a horrific car accident, he was thrown out of the vehicle, and the other 3 in the car died.

It, too, promises to life us up and hefges us.

Review: American Fascists by Chris Hedges | Books | The Guardian

Do I believe in hell? Chriss Hedges reports on the movement in true Fasciets style, resulting in a brief glimpse into the mindset of the average person willingly placing themselves into the embrace of those aiming to replicate a Fascist movement, complete with Cross and Star Spangled Flag.

Although it is likely to be read only by those who agree with Hedges, it should be read by all; many of the more thoughtful among the Christian Right would likely have the wool pulled from their eyes. Hedges also collates his measurable observations with similar historical hedgea including the Nazi party’s rise to power. The danger of the “Christian” right wing to our freedom and right to live as we desire fasccists vastly underrated, and Hedges does a brilliant job of exposing this danger.


But this urgent book forcefully illuminates what many across the political spectrum will recognize as a serious and growing threat to the very concept and practice of an open society.

Second, this book is more like an anecdotal rant mocking the stupidity of various Christian lunatics than a scholarly assessment of the movement. I enjoyed this book and it scared the check out of me. Yet if we are intolerant and fasscists their freedom of speech, then we will have ultimately lost. How else to describe, say, the administrator of a faith-based drug treatment program who bound and beat a resident, then subjected her to 32 straight hours of recorded sermons?

I had thought that if I remained calm and reasonable and presented hedgea from impartial sources as the book said I would dothis guy would engage in a dialogue.

Christians here believe that Democrats are Communists and Communists are Socialists and therefore evil. But both the best of American democracy and the best of Christianity embody important values, values such as compassion, tolerance and belief in justice and equality.

Isn’t freedom of religion and individual rights what our country was founded upon? For what happens in America affects us all, and if Hedges is right, then we have plenty to fear from the politicised evangelical Christians over the pond.

Onward to the apocalypse

According to Hedges, Rushdoony argues that: The idea behind creating an entirely Christian nation as the Christian Right would like to do is not only un-democratic, but it is also completely intolerant of any person’s beliefs or religion that is not Christian.

Like all Americans, conservative Christians have the right to pursue their political objectives hddges peaceful and democratic means.

One person’s straw man is another’s hero. No trivia or quizzes yet.